After entering into a new refuse and recycling contract with Waste Management the Town of Lancaster recently updated and amended some of the codes last updated in 1992. Those changes are noted at the end of the section amended or where additional language follows.

Article III Refuse and Recycling [1]
[Adopted 8-17-1992 by L.L. No. 3-1992]

The following section was not amended.

§ 25-13 Duties of owners and occupants.

A. Every owner and/or occupant of residential, commercial and/or institutional property within the Refuse District shall keep all MSW in suitable container inside a building located on said property or in a suitable, completely enclosed structure outside a building, which has been constructed for that purpose and which complies with the building codes of the Town.

It was my understanding that this passage was going to be eliminated considering the size of the new carts and resulting storage issues - and where this ‘duty’ was never enforced under the old code. Why is it still in the code?

This obligation pales in comparison to now having to store bulk items for monthly pickup.

Copy submitted to Town Board.