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Thread: What the Founding Fathers would REALLY be Thinking

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    What the Founding Fathers would REALLY be Thinking

    George Washington -- would be telling every single person what an weakling a-hole they are, reserving an extra special "pu**y" call-out for Colin Powell and David Petraeus. (would most likely have already taken out the Governator in a steel cage match)

    Benjamin Franklin -- would be completely addicted to internet porn.

    John Adams -- would be angry and bitter that no one recognized HIS contribution to the financial meltdown

    Alexander Hamilton -- would wonder how the hell he didn't come up with trading shady stock derivitaves first.

    Thomas Jefferson -- would be hoping no one finds out that President Obama is quite possibly his secret ultimate grandson via Sally Hemings.

    John Quincy Adams -- would be on the Dr Phil show still looking for the daddy "who really loved him."
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