Apologizes... I was asked to post something about this last week, but I got side-tracked.

Late week I was at my buddy's gun store, who is a retired LEO and SWAT Instructor. Most of the family are LEO. Most of the people that hang out there are LEO's... so the intell is pretty reliable... as my experience in the past indicates with this group.
One State Trooper who is on Cuomo's security detail gave the owners a heads up on what they over-heard Cuomo talking about while they were transporting him from place to place... as the news would effect their business.

After this last part of the SAFE Act goes into effect, Cuomo plans to initiate a third part that involves the confiscation of any semi-automatic long gun that was registered during the first part of the SAFE Act. Its believed you will have to turn them in, sell them out of state, or otherwise destroy them if you registered them. These guns in effect will be banned in NY in the process for all. No grandfather clause, no exceptions, no nothing.

The next part, is that the sale of all parts for any banned firearms will likewise be banned in NYS.

That is to be followed by same type of higher taxing and rationing of Ammo purchases that is now popular in other anti-gun states and they are attempting to pass into law.

My friends are looking at being driven out of business unless they want to stick to out of state online sales. So I gather would most gun dealers in NYS if Cuomo has his way. They are in constant contact with a friend at the local ATF to try and figure out how any of these supposed changes will effect them and their business.

We've already seen more of Cuomo's over-reach with this last round of SAFE Act crap, especially with the proposed Red Flag "law". So you can believe this or don't... doesn't really matter to me. I was just asked if I would pass this on, and I have done so.