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Thread: storm coming OH boy

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    storm coming OH boy

    So these highway crews have had easy winter so far. like I said you haven't seen a truck out in months when they had great weather to do other duties. lets see if they can get the roads clear or will it take hours to get trucks out to plow. except for nys dot these guys are always on the ball.
    mostly these towns and villages that lag Cheektowaga is one.

    so the media did a great job as usual of getting every senior out yesterday to the grocery stores that made the news

    idiot cuomo banns all trucks off the NYS Thruway for the next few days. if you get a chance go by jimmies truck stop on Walden its wall to wall trucks. all trucks are running polluting the air. humm tonawanda coke.
    God must love stupid people; He made so many

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    From my viewpoint is smells like a mixtures of chicken, car exhaust and coffee.

    Maybe I'll see less abandoned shopping carts this weekend. Tough to push through the snow.

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