Build a new stadium right next to the pot farm. The tailgaters and die-hards would love that. they could sell bills bongs, ralph Wilson weed bowls,jim Kelly signed pipes. everyone wins... jobs, tax money, tourists.
Now this really would work for the tourist area on the waterfront. Go to cannelside take the bike path up to the pot farm. or if on your boat pull right up buy some pot and take a nice ride around the lake stoned.

That odor you smell downtown may not be just Cheerios anymore.

State lawmakers haven't even introduced legislation to legalize recreational marijuana, but a California company is already fielding a plan for a pot-growing farm on part of Buffalo's waterfront.

The company, Zephyr Partners of San Diego, is proposing to build a high-tech "cannabis campus" for growing both recreational and medicinal marijuana at the Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park in South Buffalo, just east of Route 5.

The firm led by Brad Termini, son of Buffalo developer Rocco Termini is hoping to get ahead of its competitors nationwide by securing a foothold in an industry that is expected to soar statewide once marijuana is fully legalized. The ambitious project would include not only significant cultivation of weed, but also facilities to manufacture specialty products from the oil and conduct medical research.

"Its important to note that being a first-mover in this industry is very important in gaining market share and presence," Termini said.