Why does he think he's special?

Cuomo warns of investigations war if Legislature looks into his administration

Gov. Cuomo Wednesday fired back a warning shot at state Democratic lawmakers who have threatened more aggressive oversight of his administration.

During an interview on upstate public radio’s “The Capitol Connection,” Cuomo noted his administration can investigate local project money lawmakers secure for their districts.


“You can always get into an investigations battle,” he said. “They have oversight committees. I have every state contract, every member-item contract. Every grant that the Legislature does goes through my government, so I can investigate every one of those.”

But such a war, he said, “would be unproductive and a waste.”

Really? No it wouldn't. We'll do which hunt. Yeah that's it. A witch hunt. Cuomo and Trump can discuss how unproductive and a waste it is.

What is good for one if good for all.

Breezy? You said one time that the www.ecdems.com have our backs. Can Jeremy release an official statement demanding an investigation?

As Thomas Abinanti said:

Told of the governor’s response Wednesday, incoming Assembly Investigations Committee Chairman Thomas Abinanti (D-Westchester) asked, “What is he afraid of?”