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Thread: Remembering America's lost buildings

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    Remembering America's lost buildings

    Good read

    Remembering America's lost buildings

    Paving paradise

    Kerry Traynor, University at Buffalo
    It might seem odd to lament the loss of a roadway; but Humboldt Parkway wasn't just a road, it was an urban oasis of green parkland -- a crucial component of a much larger park and parkway system.
    In 1868, landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted arrived in Buffalo, New York to design a park for the city.

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    As I’ve posted on other threads, if the “planners” had their way the entire area would’ve been carved to pieces by a series of Kensington and Scaj-type expressways. But just remember, “planners” know what’s best for us and they can predict the future. If you don’t believe me ask Kulpa in Amherst. He’s already announced what future generations in Amherst want.

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