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Thread: How did the Russians committ "Espionage" in the Presidential election cycle ?

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    Question How did the Russians committ "Espionage" in the Presidential election cycle ?

    They say, "Russia ramped up its cyber espionage during the election cycle ! Could some one explain what that included and how it was done.

    To many people it sounds like they used online postings to convince millions of Americans not to vote for Hillary ! How many adds did they post - how much money did it cost - is posting opinions illegal - are news style add posts illegal ?

    Please explain this "Espionage" - what help did they offer Mr.Trump ? Did they offer to give him a dossier on Mrs.Clinton?

    Did the Russians pay for or hire ad agencies or online research companies for Mr.Trump ?

    Just askin - if you can quote sources - this way we all can check out the info offered = Thanks
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    I thought Hillary spent upwards of like $1,000,000,000 dollars. I read that supposedly there were like a $100,000 or so of ads trying to influence the election. If it did influence the election they were far more efficient advertising than the DNC was.

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