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Thread: With Buffalo diocese in crisis, Bishop Malone goes on vacation

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    With Buffalo diocese in crisis, Bishop Malone goes on vacation

    Where does the money come from? And where is he on vacation?
    Former Portland bishop doesn’t want to give up $1.3 million Buffalo mansion
    They want you to plant more seeds (Money) in the basket, knothing can grow with nothing in the basket.

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    The money comes from collections. They use that money to pay salaries, among many expenses. What business is it of yours where he goes on vacation? Is he entitled to know where you go on vacation? I thought he had already announced he was selling the residence to help fund the reserve for claims by the victims fund. I guess I don’t understand your last point.

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    He went up to cape code area. Of course, he going to take off. He lets this priest off there would be questions so I am out the door. This is maybe three or for vac all ready.
    God must love stupid people; He made so many

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