$7-million dollars for future development!

In the past ten years , Mr.Giza's supporters have been buzzing in his ear,
"If we had more water , we could build out the southeast area of Lancaster."

For over ten years the residents from Walden Ave to the south end have been asking for proper water pressure . Remember the warehouse fire on Walden and Cemetery Rd . ? The reason it burnt to the ground was lack of water pressure . Giza knows it and so did the courageous volunteers that were stymied by this fact.

Our Town will now carry debt of $7-million dollars for water improvements , to facilitate more building.

Why has no one published how much this bonding will cost all present/future home owners.

Don't fool yourself for one second , it isn't being done to help the present taxpayers.
It's being done to help grease the wheel for Bobbies - buddies.
Another example of proper planning.