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Thread: ELA Test Rankings

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    ELA Test Rankings

    Source Buffalo News 08-23-2017 Pag3 A10
    Lackawanna standings in the Area students Stae Test were the lowest in the area.
    When it comes time for the School board to ask for increases in the School budget.
    The taxpayers from Lackawanna should ask why?
    If you ranked the teachers' salaries in Erie county from high to low.
    Where would the salaries of the teachers in Lackawanna rank?
    I would bet near the top.
    Russia didn't make me vote for Trump, Hillary did.

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    In Buffalo the passing rate was under 18% for each of the tests...that's right under 18%! Of course, if you only read the first half of the article in the bird cage liner you would've thought there was real progress being made. My guess, 18% would pass if they all took the exams with their eyes closed. And Carl Paldino is the cause of this? The people running the Buffalo schools should be ashamed of themselves. But as long as there's plenty of graft for friends and families that's all that really matters.

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