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    Ukraine Oligarch Has 17 "Insurance" Audiorecords of Bidens Taking Millions In Bribes

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    Hunter Becomes The Hunted

    Headline on "Daily Caller" 12/8/23...

    TechnoFog writes...

    Undoubtedly due to the pressure from Congressional Republicans and the whistleblowers who have spoken out against DOJ abuses and protection of President Biden’s son, Special Counsel David Weiss has just filed a 9 count indictment against Hunter Biden alleging: evasion of tax assessment; failure to file and pay taxes; and for filing false or fraudulent tax returns.

    According to Weiss, Hunter Biden:

    Hunter Biden executed this scheme by a number of means, including:

    >subverting the payroll and tax withholding process of his own company, Owasco, PC by withdrawing millions outside of the payroll and tax withholding process;

    >spending millions on an extravagant lifestyle;

    in 2018, failing to pay his outstanding and overdue taxes for the tax year 2015;

    >willfully failing to pay his 2016-2019 taxes on time, despite having millions in funds;

    >willfully failing to file his 2017-2018 tax returns; and
    using false business deductions in order to evade assessment of taxes and substantially reduce his tax liabilities.

    The indictment is exacting and detailed, discussing Hunter’s various business entities, the millions he received from foreign nationals and/or foreign business entities (such as those in China, Romania, and Ukraine), as well as the income and support Hunter has received from his entertainment lawyer, who happens to have paid “over $1.2 million to third parties for [Hunter’s] benefit” in 2020.

    It also makes the case - a case known to the public for this last year or so - that Hunter willingly engaged in this tax scheme. The indictment is replete with examples: he did not report his Burisma income in 2014; he was informed by accountants that he owed taxes; his ex-wife told him that his tax returns were not filed; and there are multiple times where he is discussing his outstanding tax obligations in various communications.

    Despite all this, Hunter’s spent like a man who thought he operated under a different set of rules. He had $1,664,004 in “ATM/Case Withdrawals”, spent $683,212 in payments to “various women” (a new euphemism for hookers, apparently) and $188,960 on “adult entertainment”.

    Ironically, Hunter’s own words from his memoir, for which he was paid a handsome sum, are coming back to haunt him. As his tax-avoidance scheme went on, he surrounded himself with, and paid for the company of:

    The indictment also details the “office expenses” or other deductions he used to lessen his tax burden, which included a $1,500 Venmo payment to an exotic dancer; $11,500 paid to an escort for two nights; and a $30,000 payment for his daughter’s law school tuition; $1,248 to fly an exotic dancer from Los Angeles to New York.

    He also falsely claimed that $86,000 paid to his girlfriends were “wages” to employees of Owasco, PC. Then there were nearly “100 supposed travel expenditures, worth nearly $134,000” that he falsely used as business deductions in 2018. And Hunter’s use of a “business line of credit to make $27,316 in payments to an online pornography website, which in total accounted for one fifth of all of the business line of credit expenditures.”

    We’ll stop there - you get the point. But if you’re interested, the indictment has even more juicy details on the deductions.

    Credit to Special Counsel Weiss for holding the President’s son accountable, we guess. But don’t give too much credit. These charges are easy and well-documented, and Weiss demonstrated remarkably little interest in prosecuting Hunter - demonstrated by his refusal to bring these charges when he knew about them years ago and by his allowing the statute of limitations to pass on other tax year charges.

    The credit for this prosecution, really, goes the brave whistleblowers who risked their careers and retaliation to publicize just how the DOJ protected Hunter Biden. In an era where FBI employees and DOJ lawyers turn a blind eye to abuses, whether through the FISA process or elsewhere, here we find that there are still some honest government actors out there.

    Now the question is whether Weiss has the courage to bring Foreign Agent Registration Act charges against Hunter Biden. We’re not optimistic, but maybe Weiss will surprise us again.

    There are 12 Q Posts referencing Hunter becoming the hunted - Here is one - Hunter becomes the Hunted @post #2839
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    Front Page of Today’s New York Post…

    Jeffrey Epstein’s brother lists the evidence he claims feds are covering up about pedophile’s death

    Despite being the most high-profile prisoner in the US, Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in federal custody at the Manhattan Correction Center in New York on August 10, 2019.

    The financier, awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking underage girls, was found in his cell just after 6:30 a.m. having apparently used a length of orange bed sheet tied to the cell’s bunk bed to hang himself.

    Throughout the previous night, cameras in the Secure Housing Unit where Epstein was being held weren’t recording, prison guards slept and Epstein was left without a cellmate despite prison psychologists’ direct orders.

    Then-Attorney General Bill Barr would later call the situation a “perfect storm of screw-ups”.

    Within a week a medical examiner had ruled the death a suicide, meaning no further investigation was required. Eventually, a 128-page report was produced by the Department of Justice which concluded prison staff made errors and blamed “long-standing operational challenges” for Epstein’s death.

    However, some have consistently challenged the official version of events, including Epstein’s brother, Mark, 69, who is campaigning for more information to be made public — including video from the cell block.

    The following is a compilation of publicly available information about Epstein’s death as well as findings from Mark’s four-year investigation:

    The Autopsy

    Two medical examiners were present for Epstein’s autopsy, Dr. Kristin Roman and Dr. Michael Baden. The latter was sent by Mark to independently oversee the procedure.

    They agreed to list the manner of death as ‘pending’, saying further investigation was required.

    That was overruled a week later by New York Chief Medical Examiner Barbara Samson, who changed it to suicide.

    Samson said she had seen “additional evidence” but has never said what that evidence was.

    Autopsy photos show the marks on Epstein’s throat from the ligature were in the middle-to-lower portion of the neck, and straight, not raised and pointing toward the side and back of the throat in a way more consistent with hanging.

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