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    Election Fraud Gets Its Day In Court - The U.S. Supreme Court!

    * It's not yet clear if this is a "conference" TO SEE IF THEY WILL "CALENDAR" the three cases as a combined set for a FULL HEARING by both sides. If so, it may be calendared later in the year.

    Update: Supreme Court orders expected Monday, Feb 22nd with opinions later that week, perhaps Thursday per Sidney Powell

    The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is set to hear a number of high-profile election fraud cases.The SCOTUS is now scheduled to consider the voter fraud cases for Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia on February 19, 2021.

    Justices will hear the cases that allege widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

    Among those to be heard are Republican Rep. Mike Kelly's Pennsylvania election case, pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell's Michigan election case, and attorney Lin Wood's Georgia election case.

    The cases include challenges to the 2020 election results.

    Nearly every lawsuit takes issue with the expanded use of mail-in ballots by many states, according to The Washington Examiner.The decision came after the court declined to fast-track all election-related litigation in early January.

    In nearly every plea for expedition, lawyers backing President Donald Trump told the court that if the cases were not heard before Joe Biden's inauguration, their success would be unlikely.

    But after the court pushed them off, many lawyers said that the challenges were still important and could have long-term implications for election fairness.

    Trump lawyer John Eastman told the Washington Examiner that even with Trump out of office, it was important to settle the issues raised by expanded mail-in voting. "Our legal issue," he said, referring to the way in which Pennsylvania conducted the 2020 election, "remains important and in need of the court’s review."

    Similarly, Kelly's lawyer Greg Teufel warned that the 10-year congressman and major Trump ally had no intention of dropping the suit. As election litigation continues to play out in the courts, many Republican state legislators have begun introducing bills to curb mail-in voting through law.

    Speaking about her case recently, Powell shared her thoughts on the 2020 election during Joe Biden’s Inauguration on Skyline News...

    "He [Trump] had about 80 million votes, and Biden had much less than that, aside from the fact that hundreds of thousands of Biden votes were fraudulent from the get-go," Powell said.

    "There were hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots," she added."There were flipped votes in algorithms run in the various machines and not just the ones from Dominion.”
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    Very Much Worth the Read...

    Six short chapters that help explain what happened after the election fraud on November 3rd. In summary, Trump got bad advice from his attorneys as time slipped away; he missed the opportunity to investigate election fraud while still in power; he was talked out of his initial agreement to name Sidney Powell a Special Prosecutor to investigate election fraud in select counties; he did not nail down the truth about CIA disagreements with Ratcliffe’s DNI Election Assessment - Ratcliffe maintains that China played a strong role in election interference; and he did not take Flynn’s advice to invoke Insurrection Act in order to seize voting machines and force a paper ballot recount in swing states.

    Trump also placed too much faith in Rudy Giuliani’s plan, who, let’s face it - took the slowest route without actually getting anywhere. Rudy plowed through county by county in six states exposing illegal state processes and voter irregularities, while never understanding the stronger issue - the voting machine’s cyber vulnerabilities. Exposing election fraud should have been immediate - ideally while Trump was still in power, but, unfortunately, Trump missed the opportunity to do that. Now, it’s much harder, if not impossible to prove - evidence has been shredded/deleted, etc. The military cyber-intelligence needed to adequately examine the voting machines forensically now fall under the direction of Joe Biden, the new commander-in-chief. The odds of that happening are zero. No one should be happy, or gloating about this failure..

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    The Incredible Propaganda Campaign Surrounding The 'Insurrection' That Wasn't, or ...

    or... 'How Steve Urkle Influenced The FBI' ...

    Part 1 of this article is here at Post #465

    Since Part 1 of this investigation, the New York Times has been forced to backpedal on their insane and mendacious claim that Officer Sicknick was murdered by a fire extinguisher-wielding MAGA mob.

    Part One — MAGA Blood Libel: Why Are They Hiding The Medical Report?

    Fox News said they corrected their report. Zerohedge said they retracted it. In truth, what they did was much more cowardly, deceptive, and unethically on brand for the New York Times. They kept their screaming headline but pinned a qualifier that “new information has emerged” that “questions the initial cause of his death.”

    So let’s be clear: This is not a Sicknick Truth series. Stop making it weird. Congress wants a “New 9/11 Commission” about 1/6, purporting to leave no stone unturned. If right out the gate, you start deplatforming and destroying civilians who point out Very Obvious Boulders Still Rightside-Up, you’re not just disgracing yourselves — You’re showing disrespect to the honor of Officer Brian Sicknick. According to reports, Sicknick joined the U.S. Capitol Police after leaving his military service disheartened by the glut of unresolved “intelligence failures” from the original 9/11 Commission.

    Moreover, this Revolver series focuses not on Sicknick in particular, but the Capitol siege, and in particular the role of the FBI. In doing so, we ask as Americans for the same rights and freedoms that The New York Times demands for citizens of China: a space to discuss contentious topics, free from the usual restraints of the country’s tightly controlled internet.

    The frantic narrative wagon-circling by authoritative 1/6 perception managers is designed to put bumper lanes on the bowling alley of America’s peer-to-peer news sharing and information ecosystems. It’s your state-mandated, civil society-enforced Cognitive Safe Space. And the Critical Thinking Zone is for authorized personnel only.

    So, do you have your clearance? Wunderbar. Here’s your classified cable:

    The Steve Urkel Zone

    One plausible justification for the delay of information could be that there’s an ongoing FBI investigation into Officer Sicknick’s death, so medical documents are being barred from release pending the conclusion of that investigation.

    For example, on January 8, a murder probe was announced. On January 15, the FBI was probing over 30 suspects. But then on February 2, we learned the investigators have all but ruled out “murder” in any traditional sense, and that the likeliest theory by lead investigators was that Sicknick may have had a stroke, possibly induced from pepper spray, exacerbating a pre-existing medical condition.

    It’s been three and a half weeks since that update. The U.S. Capitol Police is shockingly immune to FOIA, so no public records can ever be secured from them unless they choose to do so voluntarily. And if the FBI is in charge, everyone should be concerned. Should anything in those medical records even slightly conflict with what little we’ve already been told, or detract from a Maximum Pressure Campaign against “Trumpism after Trump,” it could take us years to see them, if we ever do at all.

    That means we’re in the Danger Zone. The Dog Ate My Evidence Zone. The Steve Urkel Zone.

    At best, the FBI has spent the past four years (and frankly, much longer than that) simulating a 50-foot Steve Urkel from Family Matters, tripping over every major investigation in the U.S. government, flubbing it, then skipping through each corruption allegation with a lovable, whoopsie “Did I Do That?”

    To wit, remember that whole, “We covertly surveilled (‘spying‘ was a conspiracy theory, ‘covertly surveilled’ was authoritative) a sitting U.S. President, sent wiretapped informants to get dirt, gave the whole adventure a fun, zany, Rock n’ Roll name like Operation Crossfire Hurricane, then got caught, admitted it, but now still refuse to declassify all the documents?” Where are the documents?

    Remember that whole, “We hatched a secret plot to send two FBI agents to ‘question’ National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, lied to both him and the public about what we were really doing, and the documents only came out three and a half years later because an independent Congressional task force forced it out of us?”

    Remember that whole Mueller investigation, where for two years the former FBI Chief insinuated that the sitting President was illicitly conspiring with Russia, but then we were never provided a single document until the very final report, which fizzled in a total dud, but the FBI is still preventing access to the full investigation records?

    Remember the FBI falsified emails to secure their secret surveillance warrant? Remember they secretly thought the Steele dossiere was not credible, but went with it anyway? These scandals took years to discover and we don’t know their full extent.

    Even the little things. Like what ever happened to Anthony Weiner’s laptop? Whoopsie!

    And who was in charge of the Epstein investigation? Well of course, the FBI. And we were right back in the Steve Urkel Zone. The next thing we knew, both security cameras malfunctioned, both security guards had fallen asleep at the same time, and the prison logbook had all been falsified.

    The FBI simply cannot be trusted to handle sensitive evidence, and any Republican or centrist Democrat who has not realized this by now needs to burn in their brains the “Fool Me Twice” parable and brand it somewhere sacred so they never forget.

    That’s at best.

    At worst, the FBI is corrupt and in desperate need of Church Committee 2.0. It is time for Republicans to start leading this charge.

    But It’s Worse Than That

    The FBI was directly involved in the story of how “underprepared” the U.S. Capitol was for that fateful day, and now they are controlling the evidence, intelligence and enforcement flow of its official investigation. We are now learning that the FBI is even treating members of Congress as suspects in the MAGA riot probe and has swept up lawmakers’ phone data during investigation.

    And as forthcoming installments of this series will show, the word “underprepared” may be seriously understating the issue. Indeed, the FBI may have been far more complicit than any present investigation has thus far contemplated, to the point of begging an independent probe all of its own.

    So that alone stinks.

    But then you throw in the fact that questioning the FBI will land you with a charge of “conspiracy theory,” while at the same time the FBI has identified conspiracy theories, as a vague abstract concept unto itself, as a top terror threat to the national security of the country. Which leaves an absolutely terrifying TripleThink in the minds of informed citizens:

    We flubbed this thing.

    We’re investigating this thing.

    If you challenge our investigation, you’re a terrorist.

    What To Expect From The Next Installment of Revolver News’ Ongoing Investigation

    So the days of delegating our Critical Thinking to the FBI are over. We are calling for a total and complete shutdown of Steve Urkel coming into our house until the representatives of our country figure out what the hell is going on.

    In Part 3, you’re going to learn about the epidemic of military and law enforcement officers gone rogue at the Capitol!, a curious group called the Oath Keepers, and the metaphorical ticking time bomb of the judicial proceedings against one Thomas Caldwell.

    It’s gonna be a doozy.
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    Darren Beattie elaborates on Revolver investigation into events of January 6th…

    WATCH it here -
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    9/18/21 Rally in Support of unfairly jailed Jan.6th "Insurrectionists" Exposed about it on RedState...

    Police Detain Man for Having a Gun at J6 Rally in DC, but There's a Big Twist

    As reported earlier, there were more police and media than demonstrators at the Justice for J6 rally in DC today.

    One of the funniest images from the event was this picture that my colleague Brad Slager wrote about earlier.

    But it was just a sign of what people thought would occur at this event — which some termed “Fedfest” or “Entrapment 2021.” People thought it was going to be a Fed-a-rama, and it looks like they were on target with that one.

    President Donald Trump had actually seemed to warn people not to go.

    “On Saturday, that’s a setup,” Trump said to the Federalist. “If people don’t show up they’ll say, ‘Oh, it’s a lack of spirit.’ And if people do show up they’ll be harassed,” he said. That reasoning was why there was likely the light attendance.

    There was one alleged arrest/detention of a guy with a gun. But what was so funny was, when the heavily armored-up US Capitol Police, who looked like they were wearing Stormtrooper outfits — just in black — tossed this guy because he was allegedly carrying a gun, they pulled a badge out of his pocket. So, even the guy who was supposedly detained for a weapon was a cop, too.

    You can watch the 'riot' police check out the man's ID/Badge by clicking the link in the article, this direct link on Twitter... here -

    A few favorite Memes from Twitter regarding the Event are here, beginning at post #639
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    George Parry - Our New Favorite Writer - Durham Indictment Analysis

    George Parry blogs at - KNOWLEDGE IS GOOD

    Mr. Parry is on his fourth (viral) installment article explaining the incredible Russia Fraud case perpetuated by the Hillary Clinton Campaign, including the DNC server 'hack' and all of the sordid conspirators that John Durham is exposing.

    You can read the articles at Knowledge Is Good, or The American Spectator, as indicated and listed here (in descending order)...

    Part 4 -

    Part 3 -

    Part 2 - This article is from

    Part 1- The first article is also from

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