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    Happy Easter...

    ▶Anonymous 03/30/18 (Fri) 15:11:08 9871a8

    Hey Anons, Lurker here. Greatly appreciate the work you all do, the diverse groups and backgrounds are too numerous to list but you all have amazing talent and skill in what Q and POTUS have called you to do. It is no surprise whyyou all were chosen for this mission. Even the most experienced intel analyst would be impressed with your abilityto dissect, compile and analyze and draw insights the raw data bread crumbs being provided.

    Just wanted to step out of the shadows for a moment to encourage and remind you all of one very important aspect of the Storm and the Great Awakening.

    It is often mentioned in passing and Q has eluded to it on a number of occasions, but it is important that it remains a central focus in your conscious minds moving forward.

    That point is that this ultimately is a battle between good and evil, even more accurately, it is a battle between God and His people and the Devil and his people (there is no middle ground in this battle). To get granular is is a battle between Jesus and Satan.

    * When they create a surveillance state to monitor your communications….
    ….it is Satan's plan to destroy us through his plan carried out by his human cartel
    * When they create massive debt to financially enslave us…
    ….it is Satan's plan to destroy us through his plan carried out by his human cartel
    * When they try to take away your right to defend yourselves and speak up about it (1st & 2nd amendment) ….
    ….it is Satan's plan to destroy us through his plan carried out by his human cartel
    * When they contaminate our food and medical supply with GMO and Big Pharm poison….
    ….it is Satan's plan to destroy us through his plan carried out by his human cartel
    * When they attack POTUS, Q, this board, patriots, conservatives….
    ….it is Satan's plan to destroy us through his plan carried out by his human cartel

    All the players involved playing the game are doing so at the command of their master on top…Satan himself.

    THEY DID NOT CREATE THIS PLAN IN A VACCUME. They did not come up with it on their own. They serve their "king" at the top to destroy us.

    THEY aren’t fighting to enslave us, just to enslave us, they are fighting to enslave us spiritually and separate us from God, THIS is the ultimate plan, everything else is just commentary, its their means to the final end, just another piece of the puzzle in their final plan….separation of Man from God.

    Please keep this in your perspective. This is not about religion its about being aligned with good, being aligned with God.

    * There is a reason POTUS invited dozens of pastors to the WH to pray over him. He understands we are in a spiritual battle more than the physical battle that we see playing out in front of us.

    WHY is this so important? Because you are actively immersed in the biggest battle in the history of the world.

    To quote Aragon: Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not

    You are in this battle and it is a spiritual battle. The path to victory comes from the strength and protection from God.

    If you have never had a relationship with God it is ok. He still loves you, His arms are always open, always calling you to Him, unconditionally.

    * Do NOT think, you need to be a good person to come into His love (This is the lie the Deep State wants you to believe). If we did, NONE of us would be accepted by him.
    - He did not come for the healthy but for the "sick"

    * We ALL are consumed with sins, but he is always there to forgive, to forgive and encourage to stay on His path, no matter how many times we fall off.

    - Do not let guilt or shame consume you brothers & sisters, For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

    The book of Revelations has already revealed the story, we have already won, this is just the story playing out.

    Continue to pray and reach out to Him Fellow Patriots, His strength upholds us all through the storm, Q team, POTUS, our soldiers and each and every one of you…

    God Bless you ALL.

    Q has said similiar here @Post #362
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    A last ditch run to the border before Wall goes up - planned for Easter?

    Call me a cynic, but, I’m sensing the timing also attempts a “sympathy” angle...

    Ties into Q Post and Qresearch here in #392
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    All because a celebrity mentioned Q, go figure...

    4a.m. talking points went out “conspiracy”

    ▶Anonymous 03/31/18 (Sat) 17:23:01 1bce6d No.853089
    ALL NEWS ON QANON, WITHIN THE PAST 24 HOURS..look at how many people are writing articles!

    Q posted on Feb 15th - “This board in the coming months will be spread and discussed across ALL Platforms” (Here @ Post #220) It has BEGUN!

    all within the LAST 24 hours, these articles have been written up and published….

    Rush Limbaugh also mentioned Q Anon on his radio show - as it pertained to Roseann Barr’s show

    ▶Anonymous 03/31/18 (Sat) 17:28:19 1bce6d No.853143

    http:// 0QAnon,%20a%20new%20Pizzagate-style%20conspiracy%20theory%20(Will%20Sommer)
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    All of this is insane.

    Buffalo Pundit Could you please post discussion in the “Discussion” thread, thank you

    This is a “Read Only” thread.

    Thank you, your post will be moved.
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    This website makes money off of a depraved and idiotic conspiracy theory.

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    Time for Q to put up or shut up

    Crazy stuff, I know.

    I believe it's time for Q to give us what's been teased. There is only so long we can read this stuff before solid evidence is required. That's why Ive devoted SO MUCH time archiving the posts, cross referencing them, gleaning Qresearch for the whatever information is deemed notable, so connections can be made.

    When Q Posts outlandish things, like the sacrifice, we can't be expected to continue following his posts without solid evidence. Q says there's a video. Not that I want to see that, but, why does one build a temple? Epstein is Jewish, you might say, doesn't every orgy island have a temple for atonement purposes?

    April is a BIG month Q said, I assumed it would be all about the Inspector Generals Report! I'm as shocked as everyone here. Just thought I should make that clear.
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    A Compilation of Q questions pertains to Mueller and the Investigation

    ▶Anonymous 04/05/18 (Thu) 01:20:07 cbe5d3 No.902480>>902498 >>902562
    Not a direct source but I wrote this based on Q's Clues

    Who is Mueller?

    Did he serve in the military?

    Who met with Mueller the day before he was chosen for the special Counsel?

    Who met with Trump the day before Mueller was chosen for the special Counsel?

    Why the hell would Trump interview Mueller to take Comeys place as FBI director?
    Is he that daft to not know you're only allowed to be the director for 10 years and Mueller was actually already director for 12?

    Who can call military personnel out of 'retirement' in order to serve their country?

    Who is the president? Commander in Chief of the Military

    What did Trump and Mueller REALLY talk about?

    Who is Rod Rosenstein?
    Why did he literally advise Trump to fire Comey, and then lead the charge for a special Counsel BECAUSE he fired Comey?

    Why did Sessions recuse himself? Sessions barely got approved in the Senate. He has no credibility with the Democrats. What about Rosenstein? He has only 6 votes against
    Who would have more credibility launching the special Counsel? Sessions or Rosenstein?
    Like, isn't it f’in crazy that Rosenstein gets in and immediately wants to fire his buddy Comey and then immediately wants to impeach Trump?
    Kinda weird don't you think?

    What is a special Counsel?
    What was this special Counsel specifically tasked with?
    Investigating Trump?
    Or, investigating foreign interference in the 2016 election?
    Vague isn't it?
    How far back could interference actually go?
    Could holding old blackmail against people be considered interference?

    Who brokered the deal for Uranium1 with Russia?
    Was she also running for president?

    Why would Russia NOT want this woman to win if she's been so good for business?
    Has anyone been indicted for Uranium1?
    Interesting isn't it?

    What other countries were interfering with the election?
    Saudi Arabia?
    Would they prefer Trump or Clinton?
    Are they fair game under the special Counsel mandate?

    Who's the real target?

    What happened to Tony Podesta?
    Why did his firm shutter like a fly by night used car dealership?

    What if the rumours are true, Q asked: how do you actually cage a wild, vicious animal?
    You make them feel safe. You make them feel like they're in control. You make them think that this is THEIR special Counsel. You make them think that they're winning.

    It won't be much longer now

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    And now, A Message From Our Sponsor

    ▶Anonymous 04/06/18 (Fri) 22:57:00 00d063 No.929892>>929949 >>930089 >>930135 >>930253
    File (hide): 3fa5639e2292623⋯.jpg (261.52 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, TRUMP2.jpg) (h) (u)

    We would name each of you individually, but as of the moment, we neither possess the time or motivation to do so. Rest assured though that your names and proof of misdeeds have all been discussed, well documented and safely archived off line. It is in our sincere hope that you are enjoying “the show” to the extent as we are. We all have a ringside seat to this spectacle and we’re sure that you are on the edge of yours.

    Fret not, your anxiety will not have to last very long, for the time of your atonement draws nigh. You see, you have underestimated us. While in that sad, insular little world of yours, you seemed to have let your guard down. Were you not paying attention? Were you asleep? We weren’t. It’s kind of funny how that happens. While you may have not realized it yet, we must point out that you have already lost the game! Not to worry though, because things are about to get even better. Of course, not for you though! No, because for this show, you’re the STAR.

    We are the new Patriots of America. We are many. We do not forgive and we do not forget. Geographical bounds across the globe do not limit us. For we, are everywhere.

    Do not spend your time worrying as it is unnecessary. For judgement has already come upon you from actions you’ve already done. You will not spend years languishing in corrupt Courts and Judicial System, and you will not spend time in a posh Federal Prison. Even for the likes of your kind, we thought that too cruel to endure. No, because ‘’you’’ are special. The President has graciously signed an EO enabling the use of Military Tribunals, all to your favor. Justice, for you, has been expedited.

    To those of lesser importance, you will live your lives looking through the barbed wire of a Military Prison. Yes! There exist several Military Prisons for you! All whose location are determined by who you are and those offenses to which you’ve committed. However, to those who’ve committed crimes against Country and Humanity shall follow a ‘’slightly’’ different path to Justice.

    And to those who’ve committed treason, egregious crimes against humanity, unspeakable horrors of atrocity and other crimes, we do not feel pity upon you. For you shall not meet your ‘’Maker’’, but you shall meet your ‘’Master’’. We are just simply arranging that meeting. Justice will be delivered swiftly. Until that time however, please, carry on.
    While this moment we share together will be brief, we must admit that our anticipation is high. For we cannot wait until your final encore.

    Nobody that plays this game gets a pass, NOBODY.
    With all sincere hope and regard,

    /qresearch/ Patriots
    Where We Go One, We Go All
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    We need to get out of these countries yesterday..

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    We the People have the Power - the Map, Key, Truth, Light, Connections

    ▶Anonymous 04/09/18 (Mon) 15:46:36 7a2904 No.970311

    Re-reading crumbs...

    Feb 15 2018 00:52:21 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 925f8f 381944
    You are missing the connections.
    Continue to build the MAP.
    MAP provides the KEY.
    KEY spreads the TRUTH.
    TRUTH shines LIGHT.
    Future proves past.
    Trust the plan.

    MAP = the points brought up by Q plus ALL the things wrong in the USA like flagrant violations of the Constitution and law that oppress the people and suppress our freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

    KEY = all of the research and info dug up by the anons.

    TRUTH = memes and red-pills created by the anons based on the research they do.

    LIGHT = the growing realization by the masses that they have been systematically lied to by the evil deep state.

    Future proves past - what Q Posts will come to pass in the near future, proving authenticity

    The CONNECTIONS are the demands by THE PEOPLE to have these wrongs righted and to have our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC restored.

    That is where POTUS wants to take us…..back to our rightful Constitutional Replublic as laid out by the founders. However, he can't do it alone. He NEEDS the PEOPLE to demand it because WE have the power.

    Q is teaching us how to play the game, how to BE Americans once again.
    This is why Q tells us we have it all, we have more than we know and that this board has more power than we realize.
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    Re-read last line of earlier Q post...

    Oct 31 2017 22:31:00 (EST) Anonymous ID: grTMpzrL 147437247
    Get the popcorn, Friday & Saturday will deliver on the MAGA promise. POTUS knows he must clean house (gov't) in order to 'free up' and demonstrate who has authority in order to pass important legislation. This was always the priority. Remember, AG Sessions cannot look like an impartial player that is out to get all former Obama team members as we need him for other important work. All will come into focus and for anyone to think POTUS is not in control is kidding themselves. Also, he's 100% insulated with zero risk of impeachment (fact).

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    4/16/19. Eric Trump tweets a "Q"

    Eric Trump tweets a beautiful sunrise today. People are noticing that the sun look like a "Q" ...

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    A good resource...The Praying Medic reviews Q posts on a weekly basis...

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    Melania sends a message - I am a White Hat

    ▶Anonymous 04/25/18 (Wed) 09:30:32 fd74cb No.1179560>>1179582
    The white hat is just too good not to go over again. Ha!! I KNEW that's what she was trying to symbolize by wearing that hat…that hat that got SO much attention from the media who could never put 2 and 2 together. God bless our FLOTUS!
    White Hats rule now!

    Love our FLOTUS. Intelligent, beautiful inside and out, and nurturing. Proud of her for planning each aspect of the State Dinner by herself and didn’t use an event planner like other First Ladies.

    And one can never forget what a Great Mom FLOTUS is:

    After months of living in New York City with his mom, Barron finally made the move to Washington, D.C. in June, halfway through the president's first year in office.

    She is determined to be a good mom. A spokeswoman for the first lady told People that in the midst of the drama, Melania is only focused on being a mother.
    In many candid photos of the mother and son, Melania can be seen either looking at Barron or making contact with him in some way, such as putting her arm around him. She’s aware of the public scrutiny on her family and wants to make sure Barron is OK.
    She always keeps her son close
    She says no to nannies.
    She refuses to let nannies raise him
    But Melania also said she wants Donald and Barron to have father-son time, so she leaves them alone when they want to spend time together.
    She wants him to learn from his mistakes
    She considers Barron Trump her proudest achievement
    Melania once said she has her hands full with her two boys, meaning Donald and Barron.(kek kek) It’s clear no matter what’s going on with the drama in her own life or in the White House, Melania is extremely focused on raising Barron the best way possible.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Throwback Thursday

    It’s true, he says...

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    Qresearch is preparing for The Flood

    *Leaving this here for posterity...

    ▶Anonymous 05/02/18 (Wed) 22:39:47 bfc748 No.1279851>>1279885 >>1279891 >>1279892 >>1279894 >>1279928 >>1279934 >>1279936 >>1279941 >>1279948 >>1279954 >>1279956 >>1279958 >>1279981 >>1279991 >>1279993 >>1279997 >>1280003 >>1280022 >>1280033 >>1280043 >>1280046 >>1280050 >>1280058 >>1280074 >>1280076 >>1280078 >>1280094 >>1280116 >>1280138 >>1280163 >>1280242 >>1280257 >>1280268 >>1280337 >>1280458 >>1280493 >>1280506 >>1280515 >>1280536 >>1280552
    File (hide): 2deab9042508824⋯.png (28.68 KB, 423x324, 47:36, Screenshot-2018-5-2 Q.png) (h) (u)

    I’ve said this a million times here, no on seems to care. This is my last time. Classified data cannot be transmitted unless it is encrypted. Q tells us he’s given us the “40,000 ft view” the big picture on classified data from the NSA, and that is not open source. I believe everything we’ve been given includes enough information for us to deduce the encryption method and the key to unlock. (Q: “You have more than you know”) I believe the plan was to dump this encrypted data onto a read only board here, ‘Great Awakening’.

    I think I know the method, Oracles Golden Gate Security, AES128, AES192, AES256, or Blowfish. We could never brute force these, but we can deduce the key to unlock from Q’s drops. I just don’t know how Q has given it to us, he says the key is the graphic. If we can deduce the methods of encryption, which I think I have, we can decrypt the coming data dump using the key provided.

    [CLAS-N-DI_9] is an encrypted classified field in an Oracle database, where the data is located. He’s taunting those who know.

    The encryption method, Oracle GoldenGate Security ‘gg_dump’
    https: //

    Q came here for a reason, he could have gone to reddit. This is what RA’s do. We need to find the key.

    Just my opinion. Or we can just keep drawing dick pics and meme’s.
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