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Thread: Q Goes Deep (Anonís Explanations of Codes)

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    Q Goes Deep (Anonís Explanations of Codes)

    Q!UW.yye1fxoID: 78f9ff154238
    2011 Shuttle Program terminated by Hussein.US
    loses space dominance.
    IRAN Nuke deal.NK Nuke/Missile Tech.
    NASA Tech to ?
    HRC SAPs (private server).
    Connected.$$$,$$$,$$$.00 (pockets).
    EYE OF RA.
    Left eye [marker].

    Just imagine North Korea like a James Bond film, their own little bit of hell, can you imagine with the cash they have stolen what they could have built on NK paychecks (they work or die, sort of free)[/h]Why redirect NASA to non-space applications? As a govt agency, we knew everything that was included on or in a launch. With a private company, there is no way to know what they're putting up there and they are subject to less regulations and restrictions than a government agency.

    Lack of innovation, lack of funds, lack of program focus led to the US losing dominance in space. It was intentional, by the cabal.

    Money was diverted from Obama's Iran Deal (destination) to N Korea

    NASA tech was transferred to Iran.
    Miniaturization and rocket technology was transferred, along with enriched uranium to N Korea

    Private company (Tesla) is a front for CIA and cabal.

    Technology was transferred to Space-X and North Korea.

    HRC had highly classified information on her private server in order to allow access by certain bad actors to transfer technology to others (such as North Korea).

    SAP (Special Access Program), known internally as SAR (Special Access Required). A classification above Top Secret used highly-sensitive Black Projects, COMSEC maintenance and Presidential transportation support. Excluded from standard contract investigations.
    Funds diverted and dark money used to redirect technology and information to a private company intelligence front to launch communications satellites and have private weapons in space (hold the world hostage to their demands and continuance of their system).

    "The cabal (Rothschild banking conglomerate) prints the money, unlimited, unaudited.

    00 = emptied, cut off from funds."
    HRC pockets hundreds of millions of dollars for betraying the U.S.

    "Eye of Ra > Right eye of Egyption God Horus

    Horus > Falcon-headed Egyption God Falcon > SpaceX Rocket Name"
    Ancient Ra was the sun god - right eye. Later that merged with the god Horus (left eye), as Ra-Horakhty "Ra, who is Horus of the Two Horizons.Ē He was believed to rule in all parts of the created world: the sky, the earth, and the underworld. He was associated with the falcon or hawk. See also Amenhotep IV, renamed Akhenaten (King Tutís father), and the construction of Amarna. History repeats, we have been through this before (Illuminati Ďall seeing eyeí). Past unlocks future.
    "Eye of Horus, underworld, Illuminati, cabal, triumverate - they have many names.

    Horus, son of Isis, grew up in secrecy determined to avenge the death of his father Osiris. When he grew up, Horus challenged his uncle Seth who slew Osiris. The violent fight, where Horus lost one eye, lasted until the assembly of the gods declared the throne to Horus. Seth was ordered to replace Horus' eye. But to honor the memory of Osiris, Horus offered the recovered falcon-eye to his father, and covered his wound with a serpent, Uraeus. Ever since, the serpent has been considered the emblem of the Egyptian pharaohs. Osiris transferred his power to his son Horus, and retired to become god of the underworld. Horus became the new king of Egypt, ruling under the sun-god Re."

    When a person has a left black eye, it means that they have submitted to and have been accepted by the cabal / the Satanists.

    Do the high visibility people who suddenly have a black eye have anything to do with this? Usually the left one?

    Did Someone Give Obama a Black Eye?
    The four times President Obama has gone on TV in the last six days, as he did this morning when he spoke to the United Nations General Assembly, cameras showed what looks like he has a black eye.

    Rule over Earth, sky and the underworld: cult symbol for cabal Ďall seeing eye.í Ancient Egypt Osiris/Set - SpaceX Iridium launch: ĎFalcon Heavy,í ĎSaturn 5.í Hussein Obamaís ring - Isis, wife of Osiris. Falcon is the symbol of the eye/Egyptian pharoahs, Saturn is symbolic of the underworld.

    When a person has a left black eye, it means that they have submitted to and have been accepted by the cabal / the Satanists.
    The cabal clings to and flaunts their cult symbols openly; itís their tell, hiding in plain sight.

    Now we know who belongs to the cabal (photos saved on the internet.)
    They will be held to account. Justice will be done.

    Amarna abandoned, Babel fell, good always overcomes evil.
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    CIA and the Cabal

    Dec 22 2017 01:17:59
    ID: 24dcf5
    we already knew this though.
    Dec 22 2017 01:26:25
    ID: 5902e7
    What do Clowns do w/ the access codes and tech?
    Who controls NK?
    Who really controls NK?
    What families are protected using leverage?
    Bank / Financial leverage?
    NUKE strike package leverage?
    Why is IRAN protected?
    Why is IRAN funded by the US?
    What news about IRAN broke?
    What about WMDs?
    Why did Brennan / others provide false intel re: NK capability + IRAN Tech / NUKE DEV?
    Plate full.
    Have faith.
    CIA has backdoors programmed into many platforms. In addition through tech transferred to NK via Space-X, CIA can access and control the guidance system of NK nuclear tipped missiles. CIA is a rogue agency with a private arsenal of nuclear weapons and holding the world hostage.

    CIA controlls (controlled) NK

    The cabal really control NK via the CIA

    Rothschilds are protected due to their control of 98% of the banks world wide

    Iran uses threat of Nukes to keep sanctions off

    It is a conduit for the CIA and therefore the cabal.

    A controlled theocracy? Like the Catholic Church?

    CIA tactic to destabilize Middle East by funding them

    Drugs are allowed as a secret source to fund dark operations

    Obama's interference with Operation Cassandra is a prime example


    The Obama administration stymied a sprawling investigation into the terror group Hezbollah — and its highly lucrative drug- trafficking networks — to protect the Iran nuclear deal, according to a bombshell report.

    A team at the Drug Enforcement Administration had been working for almost a decade to bring down the Iran-backed militant organization’s sophisticated $1 billion-a-year drug ring, which laundered money and smuggled cocaine into the United States, Politico reported."

    They didn't want us alert to the dangers they were creating for the world with the nuclear weaponization of Iran and NK.
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    Dec 22 2017 00:51:19
    ID: 2aace2

    No SHUTDOWN it seems.
    Dec 22 2017 00:58:06
    ID: 913540
    Define Shutdown.
    Was ATL shutdown?
    Will NK be shutdown?
    Who controls NK?
    Remove leverage to capture the flag?
    Capture the flag to end the rule?
    End the rule of who?
    Who controls NK?
    No people movement. No cel phone communication. Smoke and mirrors (dark and confusing)

    the atlanta airport was shut down during the power outage

    Some said their cel phones were not working.

    perhaps an EMP to shutdown NK's power could prevent them from launching on SK long enough to take control of NK

    If the good guys want to, they can. Is there a failsafe in place by the bad guys if this happens? Except, they never thought she would lose.

    Loss of power is a shutdown. Kim Jong Un out of power is shutdown. coup?


    OGD- Organization and Guidence Department -

    SK - South Korea - their "missiles"? Possibly satellite?

    Lockdown on travel/information to/from outside world.

    remove NK from CIA control, capture CIA

    Remove the missiles, they are no threat. Replace puppet master. Kim Jong Un is a puppet.

    Just one more step up the ladder of control.

    kim jong-un?
    Who is REALLY in charge?

    Who controls the CIA?

    The Cabal
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    Cia / nk

    Nov 30 2017 01:01:36
    ID: 7db625
    What if NK had miniature nuke payload delivery in 2004?
    What if NK had ICBM capability since 2009?
    What if the previous tests that failed were staged?
    Why would this be relevant?
    Who is involved and why?
    Biggest cover up in our history.
    U1 - CA - EU - ASIA\NK.
    Iran deal.
    Russian reset.
    This plan has been cooking for some time and the entire narrative was fabricated:

    Pakistan May Have Aided North Korea A-Test "The debate over the 1998 tests was never settled and fell into obscurity, until Dr. Khan confessed last month that he had spread nuclear skills and equipment to North Korea, as well as Libya and Iran, over more than a decade." GOING TO NEED AN EXPLANATION, ANON. A RANDOM LINK DOESN'T EXPLAIN HOW IT ANSWERS THE QUESTION - TY SA

    Until 2015 or so the world was led to believe that NK was not as far as it obviously is in nuclear weapon development. This justified the supposed "patience" approach instead of more effective actions in deterring NK, or more assertive world action in discovering what was really going on with whomever was helping NK in their nuclear progress. This would fit into an overall nefarious plan to "suddenly" discover how big a threat NK is and push the world into another war.

    Big events (could this have been tests of miniature nuke?) in December 26th 2004 with 9.1 earth quake in India Ocean and triggers the largest Tsunamis Killing 200k people. The next day December 27th Max Planck Institute measure the strongest burst from magnetar and Earth is hit by a huge wave front of gamma and x-rays. It is the strongest flux of high-energetic of gamma radiation measured to date.

    Also of interest in 2004 the first expedition began in the worlds deepest cave on Earth. Located in Abkhazia Georgia. =Krubera_Cave&params. The Coordinates here. =43_24_35_N_40_21_44_E_ The exploration team is named CAVEX. (Sounds a lot like SpaceX. This needs to be researched more. There are lakes at the bottom of the cave that are continuing to explore which go very deep.

    Bad guy’s insurance policy in place for some time.

    Transfer of technology dating to 2009 or earlier.

    NK has allegedly been using Ukrainian rocket engines: Kiev space chief: Engines used in North Korea rockets made for Russia but China also had fuel tech

    NK has nukes every since 2009.

    Also in 2009, Somali pirates "accidentally" seized a ship full of Ukrainian tanks bound for the secession of South Sudan that had been purchased by the USA: (there are no coincidences, only tip offs)


    Gotta make the escalations look real.

    Dropping payloads into the ocean for later use
    ^ Kim wants to nuke America, but Kim doesn't want to die. So what Kim and the Globalists are going to do instead is launch multiple 'failed' nukes into the ocean that doesn't explode.

    Then, later, a 'missing' sub (stolen) goes pick it up. The sub goes to Russian water, then launch a nuke at America. America will think Russia have just launch a nuke at America, so America will nuke Russia back. America and Russia destroys each other. Globalists laugh all the way to the bank.

    The missing sub...

    The Hunt For Red October... The Sum Of All Fear...

    Answer - SPECULATION

    NK was controlled ever since WW2. CIA co-opted NK, they work for the CIA, and the CIA is controlled by Shadow government that is being run by the Globalists.

    What they are trying to do with North Korea, they already did during WW2 with the Nazi.

    They were able to get the world to enter into World War I by assassinating one country's prince and blaming it on another country.

    They want to use North Korea to nuke America. If North Korea nuke America, America will nuke back. With North Korea and America gone, and with Europe fully under control, the Globalist will have won.

    Bad guys power greater than many had thought with control of nuke arsenal. Source of Arsenal is traitors within US government.

    Act of 1871 - the USA is a corporation. We are living and have been living under a second Constitution and Martial Law for a very long time. See what Karen Hudes, ex-lawyer for the World Bank says:

    Every citizen is a "commodity" valued at X amt of $$$s. Each citizen is the property/chattel of the Fed Reserve. Theory - Think why amnesty is pushed so hard. More "citizens"= more commodity. This pays the national debt.

    Uranium One went through Canada --> European Union --> Asia/North Korea

    Pakistan is in Asia

    Answer 1 - not russia? russia is neither EU, nor is it usually considered part of asia.

    Answer 2 - They made it looked like they were selling it to the Russians? So that they can blame the Russians?

    But in actuality, it went through the EU, then to North Korea?

    Answer #2: Recently read Iran has a fifth column itching to escalate the conflict with the Zionists. The thought occurred to me to not have all your eggs in the NK basket even if you directly control it. Having a non-compliant scapegoat to achieve other policy goals is a bonus/fallback. UPDATE: It's the Nizari Ismail and their leader Aga Khan:

    Purpose was to open a situation in which the Uranium One deal could occur.

    SPECULATION: Clinton was trolling putin, hey look we control NK and they have nukes on your doorstep.

    SPECULATION 2: "Russian reset" was an ongoing thaw attempt to influence and corrupt Russia e.g. Mikhail Khodorkhovsky, Pussy Riot

    Answer 3 - "Russian Reset" was to make it look like they were working with the Russians again. So they could put the blame on Putin when North Korea nukes America.

    11/30/17 (Thu) 01:12:57 ID: 7db625


    Obama's connection still strong "Since 1990, Sidley Austin has contributed $6.88 million to federal campaigns"
    Democrat. When Barak was running
    Representing VTB a Russian Bank Contributed 385,000 to Hillary Clinton in 2016.
    Partner who handles uranium transfers in asia and middle east and is also involved with Facebook.
    OBAMA & SIDLEY AUSTIN MUCKETY MAP ATTACHED TO ROW direct link: 85cb46c4bdef92.png" They just hired a former national security advisor to Obama

    Somehow escaped the disaster on 9/11


    What Michelle Obama didn't like about working at Sidley Austin.

    Sidley Austen Thread:

    Serving as lead attorney in the conduct of an FCP A(Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) internal investigation of a Saudi Arabian joint venture of a U.S. issuer in the defense industry.

    Sidley Ausin, LLP is registered as a representative of foreign agents representing VTB.

    Specifically to lobby about the sanctions:

    It donated $385,025 to Hillary Clinton in 2016. The DNC Services Corp received $140,956. The DCCC received $55,720.,RUSSIA

    Barack and Michelle Obama met at Sidley

    "direct link to image:

    PART 1: PART 2: PART 3: 630187c062f6f3.jpg"
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    Focus on Obama/ NK

    Nov 30 2017 00:38:37
    ID: 7ebe7c
    Focus on Hussein.
    Revelations coming very very soon.
    HUMA - SA - Hussein.
    HLR (first).
    Civil rights attorney.
    13th District - Sen.
    Hussein v HRC v McCain.
    Why is this relevant?
    Follow the money pre-pres.
    Follow the connections pre-pres.
    Why does Hussein travel ahead of POTUS?
    Why did Hussein travel behind POTUS?
    Think Asia.
    Think NK.
    What was told re: NK during the past 8 years?
    What dramatic shift occurred re: NK post election of POTUS?
    Define hostage.
    The Sum of all Fears.
    Why are sexual harassment claims all appearing suddenly?
    What is a pill?
    When is it hard to swallow?
    How do you remove your enemies from positions of influence and authority?
    Define stages.
    Define puppets.
    Define puppet handlers.
    Define proxy war.
    Define proxy war.
    Define proxy war.
    Expand your thinking.
    Why is Justice stalling release of c-level info?
    Does POTUS control all matters classified?
    Have faith.
    These people are losers!
    "BO traveling to Asia.

    BO’s nuke deal and missing cash. BO connections to world elite via Saudi Arabia (SA) BO missing on Twitter for weeks.

    BO installed in office to facilitate U1 deal, providing nuclear material to NK via Russia."

    This is a summary of Obama's legislative record in Illinois

    This is a commentary on his characteristics as a state senator:

    Pragmatic, shrewd and always looking ahead to broadening his power.

    Information will be revealed about Barak Obama and/or others in the network of bad actors

    Harvard University Muslim Association (HUMA), banking connections (CitiGroup) to Obama as a community organizer (ACORN). his SA handlers/benefactor was Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

    Meme attached to row

    "BHO was the first black elected as head of the Harvard Law Review.

    First Black Elected to Head Harvard's Law Review"

    BHO wrote an article for the HLR while still president, January 2017, about the social justice system.

    Obama got his first job with a civil rights law firm.

    Obama got his start in civil rights practice

    "Obama served as State Senator for the 13th District in the state of Illinois. After that he was elected U.S. Senator from Illinois to the U.S. Congress"

    John Conyers is the present Congressman in the House of Rep. for the 13th district of Michigan

    Obama and Hillary and DNC used same legal firm

    Report: Obama Campaign Paid Same Clinton and DNC Law Firm that Hired Fusion GPS

    "BO - Saudi family

    HRC - Rothschilds
    McCain - Soros Either way, 2012 election results in control by one of the three sides of the triangle of the cabal over the presidency of the USA"

    Q listed net worth of +(Soros), ++ (red shield Rothschilds), and +++ (SA).

    +++ had the most $$$ and therefore likely wielded the most influence, subverting Hillary's "turn". SA was running USA by proxy through their puppet BO"

    You tend to get the best deal by cooperating earliest. After the tax vote I would venture a guess McCain has rolled first.

    Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal paid for Obama's education, connection to elite.

    BO connections to the elite via Saudi Arabia (Alwaleed)

    Looking desperately for a new protector/handler, pre-emptive damage control, trying to poison the well and negate whatever POTUS attempts with other world leaders.

    Re-Assure his handlers that Trump is actually in the control of the caba, not a free agent

    BHO is a puppet to all 3 families +++ ++ +. They are panicking. BHO is trying to salvage globalism/ one world government for the cabal. Puppet-masters are not the actors.

    Damage mitigation, meeting with Xi 11/29 also

    Warn Xi against cutting off NK? Missle launch comes from NK shortly thereafter. Is that a threat to Xi? A demonstration of NK ACTUAL abilities. Spell out threat if bad guys are taken down.ICBM tests follow to demonstrate ability to follow through with theeat

    BHO's Pivot to Asia was a much parroted talking point, mostly concerned with TPP and checking Chinese naval capabilities/island building

    CIA control of NK, SpaceX providing technology (private entity, not government, avoiding conflict/suspicion).

    The cabal via CIA control NK so also control nukes. USA and world held hostage. NK is the insurance policy against the take down of the cabal and network of bad actors."

    Globalists do not want a united nuclear Korea, Hillary talking to Goldman Sachs about it:

    "Silence in Iran/North Korea nuclear ties"

    NK only kicking up **** now because BO is gone

    Basically that they wanted nothing to do with the rest of the world and to leave them alone.

    Answer 2 - Public told that NK was approx. a decade away from being capable of striking the US. As soon as trump elected, that changed to now!

    "They seem to have acquired both better rockets and possibly nuclear miniaturization tech.

    Current POTUS (Trump) taking a hard line against NK threatening its neighbors and US allies (like Japan), increase in sanctions, show of US military force in the area (carrier groups in the area)."

    Rapid NK tech development. SpaceX and NK tech.

    Possibility: SA (Alwaleed) funds Hussein > Hussein helps arm + fund NK through U1 and Iran deal Is it possible Alwaleed ALSO helped fund NK?

    Demonstrate ability for nuke strike. Had ability since 2009 since BO gave techno to NK through back channels. No need to demonstrate ability until they lost control POTUS. Insurance policy for elite bad guys.

    Obama had a very light touch with NK, they acquired miniturization and rapid tech development during his presidency. Trump is taking an opposite approach, has met with neighboring countries and allies, as well as Russia to create a bloc of opposition and containment, as well as bring financial pain to NK.

    "Whomever is controlling NK is holding the world hostage to its "unexpected" nuclear power.


    DPRK holds Seoul hostage

    Merriam Webster: 1 a : a person held by one party in a conflict as a pledge pending the fulfillment of an agreement b : a person taken by force to secure the taker's demands 2 : one that is involuntarily controlled by an outside influence

    Hostages are killed if bad guys are arrested. We are the hostages. Possible deal in works to allow high level bad guys to walk in exchange for neutralizing NK threat

    Elite families now control private nuclear arsenal or more advanced weaponry.

    NK, under the control of elite, CIA, ect, will be used in an attempt to start WW3. 1. Start a military/nuclear exchange between major world powers. 2.Billions of people die, reducing population to easily controlled number. 3.Elite hide out in bunkers during exchange of nukes, waiting for the fallout to clear. 4.Elite emerge from hiding, offering aid to the survivors, playing the role of saviors, while taking control of entire Earth through foundation of NWO. World held hostage Prologue to TC book "...Like the sheep on the fold" (BO) from G. Byron Prose. also the line....".And the widows of Ashur are loud in their wail, And the idols are broke in the temple of Baal, and the might of the Gentile, unsmote by the sword, Hath melted like snow in the glance of the Lord". This is from "the Destruction of Sennacherib" Biblical account of the attempted siege of Jerusalem. What is happening Wed Dec 6, 2017 in Israel re: capital/US

    "- Preparation for allegations that will be worse in type towards people in greater power. (Part of doing things in stages.)

    Further elimination of support within the network of bad actors. (taking out both the top and some high-profile middle-echelon bad actors)"

    Targets are mostly in entertainment media,

    Same media that works on the agenda to destroy America and Western Culture

    Same media that are reflexively anti-American and extremely liberal

    Same media that creates fake conspiracies where there are none, and studiously obfuscate actual wrong-doing and conspiracies

    Will show the utter and complete hypocrisy, as individuals and as a group. Helps to undermine trust in media to an even further degree than present.

    Distraction from the deeper allegations,

    Answer #2: Partly bread and circuses for the base, mostly laying the foundation for the Spielbergs, the Geffens, and those without instant name recognition.

    Hillary Clinton meltdown after the 2016 Commander-in-Chief forum w/ Matte Lauer. Is this why M. Lauer has been outed? She threatened to get MLauer fired. Too bad no video, only witness testimony.

    No. The release of this information (and revelations by victims) is purposeful and timed precisely.

    This act eliminates the moral high ground those in the media and even some politicians have occupied publicly, while either actively working to destroy our civilization (media) or obstructing what will help to strengthen our country and civilization (legislators/government).

    Purposeful to lessen the shock of worse things to be revealed

    "Merriam Webster;

    a) something repugnant or unpleasant that must be accepted or endured"

    Pop culture reference: MATRIX (movie) You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    The pills represent a choice we have to make between accepting the truth of reality (red pill), which could be harsh and difficult, and maintaining our blissful ignorance of the world (blue pill), which is way more comfortable.

    "- Too big

    When it's bitter

    When it means that everything you have been taught is a lie. Having to give up pleasant delusions is very scary."

    Reluctantcy to face the truth and or the end of something.

    When you don't trust the source (pill)

    Diminish their support through scandal

    A period or step in a process, activity, or development

    A place or set where a show/drama/play/illusion is performed.


    Military Stage
    Political Stage
    MSM Stage Bad guy’s cannot be taken down in one fell swope or insurance policy is unleashed. Has to be done in stages or the NK threat has to be neutralized before mass arrests can take place. Would also explain why HRC and others are not in custody.
    "Merriam Webster:

    a) one whose acts are controlled by an outside force or influence"

    Deep State politiicians, media/publishing, education, many NGOs and foundations

    One who gives instructions to and watches over the puppets to ensure they are following instructions, not stepping out of line or talking.

    The actual source of the money US cabal gets PUPPETEER WOULD BE THE 3 FAMILIES, HANDLER IS DIFFERNT - TY SA Merriam Webster: Puppeteer: one who manipulates puppets

    Proxy war is a conflict between two states or non-state actors where neither entity directly engages the other.

    While this can encompass a breadth of armed confrontation, its core definition hinges on two separate powers utilizing external strife to somehow attack the interests or territorial holdings of the other. This frequently involves both countries fighting their opponent's allies, or assisting their allies in fighting their opponent.

    "BO elite connections via SA

    BO installed in office to facilitate U1 deal...
    Nuclear material to NK via Russia
    BO travelling to Asia - Q says "Think NK"
    CIA control of NK
    Rapid NK tech development (SpaceX
    private entity, not governed)
    BO nuke deal missing cash
    U1 deal missing uranium
    POTUS flyover NK
    BO missing on Twitter for weeks
    BO fleeing to elite safe haven to escape accountability?
    Elite families control Nuclear arsenal
    Hostage... the world?
    Sum of all fears
    Threat of WWIII by an elite cabal that is evil and now in control of advanced weaponry, including nukes"
    SPECULATION: NK is a proxy for the war between the Deep state and current US Administration

    A proxy war is a conflict instigated by opposing powers who do not fight against each other directly. Instead, they uses third parties to do the fighting for them.

    Opposing powers are usually core countries who have conflicting ideologies and interests with each other. However, a direct large-scale war between them would cause enormous damage to all belligerent powers. Therefore, they rather conduct proxy wars in developing countries in order to avoid loss and achieve some certain interests at the same time.

    Third-parties can be local governments built or supported by opposing powers or armed forces, mercenaries and terrorist groups who could strike an opponent without leading to full-scale war.

    Misdirect. Never show your hand.

    Possibly because it would tip off some bad actors in our government (some of them are on the requesting committee) and outside it.

    c-level is like CEO/CFO/CTO... C level information

    Pretty sure "C" level information stands for "Classified" not Chief level information

    To maintain the element of surprise; probably, don't want to give evidence to those about to be indicted

    According to the answer on Line 24 herein, Jeff Sessions is the one who knows all things classified.

    Yes, he could order the DOJ to hand the documents to the committee, but he's not doing that.

    From Congressional Research Service: " Commander-in-Chief, the President has the authority to establish the standards for access to classified national security information. This authority is typically exercised through the issuance of executive orders."


    Key D's have been turned. Classified. They don't want the word out. McCain just agreed to Tax cuts as an indicator. McCain's submission is a giant tell."

    Songbird' McCain had been singing.

    Life is Good

    Very Trumpian phrase, it's true and it makes us happy.


    This Q post is probably from Trump.

    Also, the Globalists can not win. Trump already knows everything.
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    Nov 23 2017 00:10:13
    ID: 66o6MRSe
    NK _ SpaceX.
    NK _ SpaceX.

    So U1 gave NK the Uranium they needed. SpaceX is giving them the rocket tech. All pieces to start WW3.

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    Uranium ONe

    Nov 22 2017 17:07:59
    ID: YzNom6b4
    U1 - CA - EU - ASIA - IRAN/NK
    Where did it end up?
    What was the purpose?
    Who was suppose to win the election of 2016?
    Why was the Iran deal kept from Congress and placed at the highest level of classification?
    Meaning, a United States Senator could NOT review the deal but other foreign powers could.
    How much money was hand delivered by plane(s)?
    Why in cash?
    Where did the plane(s) actually land?
    What was the cover?
    Who paid for BO to attend Harvard?
    Why would this occur pre-political days?
    Who was the biggest contributor to the CF?
    The graphic is the key.
    Why does the MSM push conspiracy w/o investigation?
    Who controls the MSM?
    What does the word 'conspiracy' mean to you?
    Has the word 'conspiracy' been branded to mean something shameful in today's society?
    The world cannot handle the truth.
    This pill cannot be swallowed by most.
    Risk in painting this picture.
    Uranium 1 path: Canada - European Union- China- Iran/North Korea

    The US subsidaries of Uranium One, Inc. were formerly Canadian owned. RSB logistics could move the uranium from Uranium One USA in KY to Cameco Corp in Ontario. Now technically, once the conversion plant (Cameco Corp) is done with it, the uranium must return to the US, however, it's already out of the country and here is the perfect way to move it abroad. Link to the export license and a memo Representative Visclosky with the details.

    Implication is IRAN and North Korea

    Provide enriched uranium for an arsenal in North Korea.

    kkjjm jhu7n7;j .

    Hillary Clinton, they never thought she would lose.

    There are a great number of legislators that are beholden to elements in Saudi Arabia. Iran is Saudi Arabia's mortal enemy. The Saudis would demand interference in a deal that is against their strategic interests, regardless whether it is beneficial for the United States or not.

    To hide the fact that 20% of the total U238 stockpile (Uranium1) was being sold to a Russian company.

    Meaning, a US Senator could not interfere on behalf of a foreign government (Saudi Arabia).

    $1.7-billion payment to Iran was all in cash due to effectiveness of sanctions, White House says

    An initial $400 million of euros, Swiss francs and other foreign currency was delivered on pallets Jan. 17, the same day Tehran agreed to release four American prisoners.
    The remaining $1.3 billion represented estimated interest on the Iranian cash the U.S. had held since the 1970s. The administration had previously declined to say if the interest was delivered to Iran in physical cash, as with the principal, or via a more regular banking mechanism.
    The officials said the $1.3 billion was paid in cash on Jan. 22 and Feb. 5. 1.7 Billion dollars, (13 trips by plane with 10 million dollars?)
    Difficult to trace, get around sanctions.

    Tehran, Iran

    Hostage release of 4 Americans.

    Cover story The $1.7 billion was the settlement of a decades-old arbitration claim between the U.S. and Iran. An initial $400 million of euros, Swiss francs and other foreign currency was delivered on pallets Jan. 17, the same day Tehran agreed to release four American prisoners.

    Al-waleed bin Talal

    To create a political puppet/yes man.

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Read the graphic compilation of Q's posts daily, understand the context and flow of statements and questions. Compare Q's posts with current events and "news".

    Mockingbird media pushes conspiracies it creates from whole cloth to bamboozle the public. This can only be accomplished and sold with no actual research or facts, because facts would disprove their conspiracy theories (i.e., Russian collusion).

    CIA = Clowns In America

    Owners behind the owners of media; George Soros via Media Matters, distributed to the masses by Operation Mockingbird Clowns

    People working together to further their interest and personal gains at the expense of everyone else not involved, typically involving criminal and/or unethical acts

    Yes, the phrase conspiracy theory became a pejorative in the 1960s. The term was deployed by the Clowns In America to discredit the John F. Kennedy assassination as "crazy".

    Elite families now control private nuclear arsenal or more advanced technology, holding the world hostage..

    Speculation: Perhaps Q is referencing his earlier post that the truth about elite family political, economic and social control including their private cultist activities would put 90% of the public in the hospital. Therefore, in reality the whole picture is the sum of all public fears, i.e., the prospect of everlasting tyranny and enslavement by degenerate "elites" which makes the "red pill" too difficult to swallow whole for most citizens.

    Trump knows the Globalists will try to use nukes?
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    Dec 4 2017 22:01:07
    ID: eda158
    Have you been watching the news since Friday?
    Who is Peter Strzok?
    How was he compromised?
    How was he paid?
    Who is Melissa Hodgman?
    Date of promotion?
    Focus on the date.
    What events re: Peter recently occurred that you now know?
    Think HRC emails, Weiner laptop, etc.
    Date of promotion of wife?
    How do they stack the deck?
    Who do they want inside the gov't?
    What are puppets?
    How do you control a puppet?
    #2 in FBI?
    Wife connection?
    What is a pattern?
    Follow the wives.
    Keep watching the news this week.
    Future proves past.
    Re-read crumbs.
    How many D's / R's will not seek re-election?
    What just passed in the Senate?
    Who is their new handler?
    Do as told?
    Why is this relevant?
    Do you not understand the gov't is being gutted publicly?
    Bottom middle top.
    Hussein Iran connection.
    Bombs away.
    Merry Christmas.

    FBI Agent who led the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server as the No. 2 official in the counterintelligence division

    Anti-Trump Text Messages Show Pattern of Bias on Mueller's Team

    "For nearly four months, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, the Justice Department and the FBI have kept secret the fact that the FBI agent (Peter Strozek) who oversaw the Russia investigation exchanged anti-Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton text messages with an FBI attorney who was also his mistress, Lisa Page.

    He was disciplined since this is a conflict as he is highly involved in the FBI investigation about Russian collusion, did the interrogation of Mike Flynn, did the questioning of Hillary about her email server, and softened Comey's language referring to the FBI investigation of her email server."

    Michael Flynn had people from the DIA appointed to positions on the NSC who were removed by H.R. McMaster following Flynns resignation, but not before getting TS/SCI clearances. A text message is raw SIGINT which they wouldn't have access to, but if these men who were dismissed by McMaster were assigned to hunt down leakers and had TS/SCI clearances, Rodgers could pass SIGINT to them without having to get permission since leaking is against the law. Could be that THIS is how he was compromised.

    His (Peter Strzok) wife, Melissa, received a promotion at the SEC

    "Staff attorney at the SEC

    Peter Strzok's wife"

    "Securities and Exchange Commission"

    Assistant Director in SEC's Enforcement Division

    October 14, 2016


    Casting a wide net, help me work it down anons:

    Thu July 13, 2017: Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller has brought on Peter Strzok, a senior FBI official who oversaw the Hillary Clinton email investigation, to help manage his investigation into Russian election meddling, according to two US officials briefed on the matter. Strzok helped oversee the beginnings of the Russia probe last summer at the FBI. Peter Strzok Special Counsel Russia FBI

    The conservative group Judicial Watch reported Tuesday that the State Department received the documents from the FBI after Judicial Watch sued the department when it failed to respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request

    Strozk interviewed Huma concerning HRC email server

    Tuesday, October, 11, 2016

    Friday, October 14, 2016

    Compromised, controllable puppets are installed in key positions to: achieve the cabal's goals, cover up crimes, distract, attack threats to their operations, protect their cabal, programs/investments, ensure continuity, run psychological operations to misinform public. Bottom - Middle - Top

    Compliant/compromised actors who pursue their agendas

    They have no free will, they are controlled at the whim of others

    With the strings, your hand: money, blackmail, threats

    "Andrew McCabe

    FBI Director Wray Demotes Embattled Andrew McCabe; Internal Investigation Dubbed “Train Wreck”"

    Grassley is neutralizing McCabe: support Grassley!

    Complete the org chart: dox connections

    Connection to Clintons, wife got money from Clinton camp

    2P: From Merriam Webster a reliable sample of traits, acts, tendencies, or other observable characteristics of a person, group, or institution

    Jill McCabe-pediatrician, State Senate run Trump demands probe into Clinton allies’ donations to campaign of FBI official’s wife, Oct 24, 2016:

    Melissa Hodgman-Associate Director, SEC Enforcement Division. In ED since 2008. Running her name through Google says 5 links have been removed due to a legal complaint:

    Leads to this:

    "In July 2014, Wey was sued by a former employee, who alleged that he was wrongfully fired after he reported that another employee was "repeatedly and consistently” the subject of "disgusting and degrading quid pro quo sexual harassment". Hannah Bouveng, the employee who had been the subject of the alleged harassment, had filed an $850 million lawsuit against Wey's company earlier that month. Law360 quoted Wey as saying that the lawsuits were "frivolous" and "an extortion attempt."[30] The sexual harassment trial opened on June 15, 2015, at the Manhattan Federal District Court. It closed on June 29, 2015, with the jury awarding Bouveng $18 million—$2 million in compensatory damages and $16 million in punitive damages, primarily for defamation by Wey, NYGG, and its subsidiary FNL Media who publish TheBlot. While the allegations of assault and battery were rejected, the jurors found in Bouveng's favor on the charges of sexual harassment, retaliation and defamation.[35][36] In April 2016, the award was reduced to $5.6 million by a Federal District Court judge.[37]"

    In September 2017, the SEC dropped its fraud charges against Wey and his wife.

    Priscilla Chan-pediatrician



    6 D's vs 18 R's?

    They were told not to seek re-election or their crimes would be prosecuted.

    Tax reform

    Enough R's voted for it, even McCain even McCain.

    Answer #2: If what the Shadow Brokers have on John M and and Senator Graham is true, and there are no coincidences, for the sake of his family's name I'd vote for the tax bill instead of nasty very public fallout and the subsequent falling dominos.


    Yes, or be exposed for vile monstrosity of the highest orders

    Meet new management, not the same as old management

    You have me enthralled and out of the shadows

    BMT? Bryn Mawr trust: Local to this, this caters to the extremely wealthy in DuPont infested areas, also tying to +FLYROTHSFLY+. ++ is split. Philadelphia Eagles (with a suspiciously successful year in a rigged league huh.) BMT is in Philly.

    Basic Military Training

    Local / State / Federal

    Answered in Questions 2108-2111: Bottom: Soros controlling organizations Middle: SA controlling politicians Top: Rothschilds controlling banks, therefore governments

    In his Sunday morning address to the American people, Obama portrayed the seven men he freed as “civilians.” The senior official described them as businessmen convicted of or awaiting trial for mere “sanctions-related offenses, violations of the trade embargo.”

    In reality, some of them were accused by Obama’s own Justice Department of posing threats to national security. Three allegedly were part of an illegal procurement network supplying Iran with U.S.-made microelectronics with applications in surface-to-air and cruise missiles like the kind Tehran test-fired recently, prompting a still-escalating exchange of threats with the Trump administration. Another was serving an eight-year sentence for conspiring to supply Iran with satellite technology and hardware. As part of the deal, U.S. officials even dropped their demand for $10 million that a jury said the aerospace engineer illegally received from Tehran.
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    Barack Hussein Obama

    Dec 1 2017 00:46:51
    ID: fbc52d
    Hussein is evil and a real loser.
    No special treatment.
    Shopping around for a (new) handler/protection is fun to watch on the SATs / spy comms.
    Morons, all of them.
    BHO's PR (public relations) is entirely false and he is not a good guy.

    Obama didnít prep this for the last 3 decades alone.

    Some crimes transcend treason, jurisdiction is global.

    Unlike mere Ďpuppetsí (those who are coerced or without free will), some like BHO actively choose evil or destruction. Repeatedly. This is easier to accomplish under guise of an Ďoppressed minorityí which is doubly destructive.

    He's so evil he might be one to take a fall instead of having a chance to sing

    Trump's not going to treat the lord of evil any differently.

    He is frantically searching for someone to be his protector/benefactor in the incoming Storm and is struggling to find it.

    He doesn't know how and isn't able to be his own man. He only knows how to be a pawn in someone else's chess game.

    Valerie Jarrett and by extension Muslim Brotherhood and Iran no longer control our executive branch/POTUS.

    1p Thatís an understatement. Complacency is a bitch
    2p Obama's new handler/protectors are morons. They don't know what they're getting themselves into. Morons = the open messages are easy to crack/dumb such as FlyEaglesFly.
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    Barack Hussein Obama/ Susan Rice

    Dec 14 2017 21:43:38
    ID: 462c9a
    Shall we play a game?
    Find the spider(s) and build the web (the ‘map’).
    Remember, they consider you to be the fly (specifically, the ‘feeder’).
    Remember, they never thought she was going to lose.
    Therefore, they never thought investigations and/or public interest into their criminal acts would be exposed/investigated.
    Therefore, they never thought they had anything to fear.
    Therefore, they openly showcase their symbolism.
    Therefore, they were sloppy.
    Hussein’s last speech in Chicago re: ‘scandal free’.
    Why did he continually emphasize that phrase?
    As a backup, they infiltrated and control the narrative (the ‘MSM’).
    As a backup, they install only those on the team.
    As a backup, they blackmail those that aren’t.
    As a backup, they defined ‘conspiracy’ as crazy/mentally unstable and label anything ‘true’ as such.
    This works given most of what they engage in is pure evil and simply unbelievable (hard to swallow).
    The ‘fix’ has always been in – no matter which party won the election (-JFK (killed)/Reagan(shot)).
    This was always the promise made to those who played the game (willingly or otherwise) (i.e., they would never lose power).
    Power of the (3) letter agencies.
    Power over the US Military (WW dominance to push against other nations and install like-kind).
    These people are really stupid.
    Follow the husbands.
    Another Hint:
    Ian Cameron
    McKinsey & Company
    Clowns In America.
    Dr. Emmett J. Rice.
    Federal Reserve.
    Everyone is connected.
    How about a nice game of chess?
    Movie War Games. A hacker breaks into a supercomputer and asks to play a game called Thermonuclear war. This sets off a chain of events which leads to the supercomputer attempting to "WIN" the game of actual Thermonuclear war. The protaganist is eventually able to trick the supercomputer into playing Tic Tac Toe to have it learn that there is no winner. The full list of games: Falken's maze, Black Jack, Gin Rummy, Hearts, Bridge, Checkers, Chess, Poker, Fighter Combat, Guerrilla Engagement, Desert Warefare, Air-to-ground Actions, Theatrewide Tactical Warefare, Theatrewide Biotoxic and Chemical Warefare, Global Thermonuclear War. At the end, the only game not on the list is "Tic Tac Toe", which once used by the protagonist is ultimately used to teach the supercomputer that there is no winning in thermonuclear war. Three items here are important: Hackers playing games can cause serious consequences. The supercomputer has to learn [Who has to learn here? us or them?] & finally, "ITS NOT ON THE LIST."

    Memorization [Mind Control] is achieved through repetition

    Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it

    They will repeat the lie. Keep Truman in the fantasy.

    Anyone who will not repeat the lie MUST be removed, can't have people hearing any different

    CIA/ JFK assassination and trying control the narrative.

    Lucifarian doctrine. Pedophilia, Adrenochrome and how it is obtained, Human Sacrifice for personal gain. Selling their souls for the vilest of human debauchery.

    Paul A. Volcker, the Federal Reserve chairman, received an urgent warning two weeks after Ronald Reagan won the 1980 presidential election. Some of the president-elect’s advisers, he was told, wanted to abolish the central bank and replace it with a computer program that would manage interest rates and monetary policy.

    Jan 19 1982 ''I can't respond to that because the Federal Reserve System is autonomous,'' the President said at a news conference, when asked if he agreed with recent calls for Mr. Volcker's resignation. ''There is no way I can comment on that,'' Mr. Reagan added.

    On March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan and three others were shot and wounded by John Hinckley Jr. in Washington, D.C., as they were leaving a speaking engagement at the Washington Hilton Hotel.

    Gunman Hinckley had lived in Lubbock TX from 1974 through 1980, when he was an intermittent student at Texas Tech University there. Hinckley's father founded the Vanderbilt Energy Corporation (an Oil Company). Vanderbilt Energy Corporation filed as a Domestic For-Profit Corporation in the State of Texas and is no longer active. This corporate entity was filed approximately forty-two years ago on Thursday, May 1, 1975 , according to public records filed with Texas Secretary of State.

    On Tuesday, March 31 the Houston Post published a copyrighted story under the headline: "BUSH'S SON WAS TO DINE WITH SUSPECT'S BROTHER, by Arthur Wiese and Margarte Downing." The lead paragraph read as follows:

    Scott Hinckley, the brother of John Hinckley Jr., who is charged with shooting President Reagan and three others, was to have been a dinner guest Tuesday night at the home of Neil Bush, son of Vice President George Bush, The Houston Post has learned. According to the article, Neil Bush had admitted on Monday, March 30 that he was personally acquainted with Scott Hinckley, having met with him on one occasion in the recent past. Neil Bush also stated that he knew the Hinckley family, and referred to large monetary contributions made by the Hinckleys to the Bush 1980 presidential campaign. Neil Bush and Scott Hinckley both lived in Denver at this time. Scott Hinckley was the vice president of Vanderbilt Energy Corporation, and Neil Bush was employed as a land man for Standard Oil of Indiana. John W. Hinckley Jr., the would-be assassin, lived on and off with his parents in Evergreen, Colorado, not far from Denver.

    They were lied to/hoodwinked into their new reality.

    They have the ability to hoodwink the Nation on many levels, and from many directions.

    Study of the Rothchild Family. Probably the most powerful family on the face of the earth. They have started wars behind the scenes for the last 2 centuries in order to control ALL the players by pitting one country against another. This site is a treasure trove of information:

    Ian Cameron and Susan Rice are married.

    Muckety Map for Ian Cameron direct link to image:

    "Ian Cameron worked at ABC for 13 years until 2010 - now management consultant at McKinsey & Co.

    Susan Rice also worked at McKinsey. She started after she married Cameron. Washington Diplomacy: Profiles of People of World Influence By John Shaw"

    ABC was the org. that broke the FLYNN leaks. Ian also worked with George Papadopoulos Muckety Map for McKinsey & Company direct link to image:

    AR Rep Tom Cotton worked for McKinsey & Co after his military service doing consulting work. McKinsey started off with a mission statement: "set of rules: that consultants should put the interests of clients before McKinsey's revenues, not discuss client affairs, tell the truth even if it means challenging the client's opinion, and only perform work that is both necessary and that McKinsey can do well." Not sure where their mission is now.

    In 2005, CIA paid McKinsey & Company $10M for a "broad reorganization" started by then-director Brennan. --

    New Yorker piece likens working for McKinsey to working at CIA -- -- basically CIA training front

    McKinsey and Company listed as a CIA front group here --

    Remember: It is legal for the CIA to establish companies without disclosure and CIA can deny having established the companies, all based on EO 12333 signed by Reagan - -- see sec. 2.7

    Relevant: "Several current and former U.S. officials said they were surprised by the magnitude of the consulting contract, an arrangement that officials said Brennan did not mention to workers when he announced the reorganization or explain to lawmakers in briefings."

    Important: If CIA let McKinsey "restructure" itself, McKinsey has high likelyhood of being a CIA front company, meaning (based on all of above) that Susan and Ian are CIA spooks.

    "Expand your thinking": full book of all known CIA front companies --

    "- Worked for the Fed 1960-62

    Helped establish the Central Bank of Nigeria in 1962
    Acting Director of the Office of the Developing Nations for the Treasury Department 1964
    U.S. director at World Bank 1966
    After leaving the fed in 1986 he worked for the DC Chapter of American Red Cross
    Father of Susan Rice, former US ambassador to the United Nations and the country’s former National Security Advisor.
    NYT WEDDINGS; Susan E. Rice, Ian Cameron Published: September 13, 1992"

    Muckety Map for Dr. E. J. Rice direct link to image:

    Father to Susan E. Rice, NSA advisor to BHO Worked at:

    Governor of the Federal Reserve System
    Reserve Bank of India as a Fulbright Fellow
    Assistant Professor of Economics at Cornell University
    Adviser to the Central Bank of Nigeria in Lagos
    Deputy Director of the Treasury Department’s Office of Developing Nations
    Alternate Executive Director for the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)
    Alternate Executive Director for the International Development Association
    Alternate Executive Director for the International Finance Corporation
    Executive Director of the Mayor’s Economic Development Committee for Washington, D.C.
    Senior Vice President of the National Bank of Washington
    Federal Reserve (FED) member

    "Dr. Emmett J. Rice was on the board of the Federal Reserve from 1979 to 1986 -"

    "Susan Rice ordered the spy operation on Trump campaign"

    Movie Ending: Wargames Greetings Professor Falken Hello A Strange Game. [Thermonuclear War] The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of Chess?
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    Obama Library

    Dec 13 2017 23:35:55
    ID: 267271
    “Documents from the Obama administration have been transferred to the Barack Obama Presidential Library. You may send your request to the Obama Library. However, you should be aware that under the Presidential Records Act, Presidential records remain closed to the public for five years after an administration has left office.”
    RAIDED by the GOOD GUYS (per POTUS).
    Shockingly quiet.
    No leaks?
    Presidential libraries are put in place to retain control over self-incriminating c-doc releases.
    Review the law.
    What is different re: Hussein's PL?
    Who controls?
    These people really are stupid.

    Q says the Obama Library was raided and records recovered.
    What is different re: Hussein’s PL?

    BHO library is a playground for children.

    "It's run by the "Barak Obama Foundation".

    The Barack Obama Presidential Center[2] is the planned presidential library of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. The center will be hosted by the University of Chicago and will be located in Jackson Park on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. The center will not be part of the presidential library network operated by National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).[3] The nonprofit Barack Obama Foundation was established to oversee the creation of the Center and the construction of its campus."

    "Judicial Watch performed a massive public service last week, exposing how key Obama spying scandal documents, including the infamous Susan Rice unmasking records, were moved to the Obama Presidential Library. The National Security Council (NSC) informed us by letter on May 23, 2017, that the materials regarding the unmasking by Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice of “the identities of any U.S. citizens associated with the Trump presidential campaign or transition team” have been removed to the Obama Library and therefore unavailable for at least five years.

    The National Archives and Records Administration—which operates presidential library-museums for every president from Herbert Hoover through George W. Bush—won’t be operating either for Obama. His private Obama Foundation, not the government, will own and operate the museum. And there really won’t be a presidential library. The Obama Foundation will pay for NARA to digitize unclassified records and release them to the public as they become available, but the center’s “Library,” which may or may not house a local branch of the Chicago Public Library, will not contain or control presidential papers and artifacts, digital or otherwise. Instead, according to a NARA press release that called the museum “a new model for the preservation and accessibility of presidential records,” those records will be stored in “existing NARA facilities”—meaning one or more of the agency’s research or records centers across the country.
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    OBama AIDS/Red CRoss

    Dec 5 2017 00:45:56
    ID: cc0116
    RED RED stringer 25th.
    Hussein RED video 27th (response).
    Hussein in Asia on 28th post stringer.
    More than one meaning.
    Hussein RED Indictments variables.
    Think circle.
    Expand your thinking.
    Take multiple paths.
    One connects to another.
    Learn to read the map.
    The map is the key.
    Find the keystone.
    What holds everything together?
    Dec 4 2017 22:50:10
    ID: eda158
    Re-review RED_RED stringer.
    Focus on Hussein AIDS Video.
    Cross reference.
    Date of stringer vs video?
    Learn to decider.
    News unlocks message.
    Find the keystone.
    RED RED stringer 25th.



    This is the video that BO did on 11/27 Kimmel show asking for money for aids. Q says Hussein is sending a coded message that he needs more money - ďhasnít done his Christmas shoppingĒ yet. is cofounded by Bono.

    "(RED) foundation

    International Red Cross Red Shield=Rothschild

    There are two Red Cross organizations: "International Committee of the Red Cross - ICRC" and "International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent - IFRC""

    Variables in 11/25 stringer dump include a Web of CIA connections globally..Money, Politics
    OBama Aids fundraiser - Asia trip - Singapore bank accounts, Clinton Global Initiative

    Find the Ketstone: If the Key is Military Intelligence (MI - INSCOM - Central Command) and NSA, and the Stone is Trump and Patriots, communicating true information could be what holds everything together.
    --- True and Free Information is the keystone

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	4C91953C-E63A-4C9A-9AF4-D8ED566A7AA4.jpg 
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    Al Waleed and the U.S.

    Nov 6 2017 16:50:33
    ID: KKIreCTB

    Why was the arrest of Alwaleed and others important?
    How is Alwaleed and BO tied to HUMA?
    Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?
    Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?
    What is HUMA? Define.
    What book was BO caught reading?
    Why was this immediately disregarded as false?
    What is ‘Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria’?
    Why is this relevant?
    Why would the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA be reading this book?
    What church did BO attend as pre-POTUS?
    Who was BO’s mentor?
    How is Alwaleed and HRC connected?
    Who was HRC’s mentor?
    How is Alwaleed and Bush Sr./Jr. connected?
    What occurred post 9-11?
    What war did we enter into?
    What was the purpose and disclosures given re: justification?
    Who financed 9-11?
    Why, recently, are classified 9-11 pages being released?
    What just occurred in SA?
    Why is this relevant?
    What information is contained within these c-releases?
    Why is C Wray important with regards to these releases?
    What does money laundering mean?
    What is the single biggest event that can generate many nation states to payout billions?
    Who audits where the money goes?
    $15,000 for a toothbrush?
    Why did we attack Iraq?
    Who are they?
    What do they specialize in?
    What is oil field service?
    Why is this relevant?
    What ‘senior’ level political officials are affiliated w/ Halliburton?
    What is the primary goal?
    What is the primary mode of influence that drives corruption?
    What does money buy?
    How is this connected to SA?
    How is this connected to Alwaleed?
    How is this connected to LV?
    Why was the arrest of Alwaleed and others important?
    The big picture is important: VAST internal (KSA = Kindom of Saudi Arabia) and worldwide corruption and international racketeering by MULTIPLE parties within KSA with wealth so vast that it can hardly be visualized. FUNDS provide everything. The bottomless bank vault for involved parties was immediately sealed, cutting off all financial resources to involved parties. No one is "owed favors" by these people. They are dripping in wealth and power and have been calling the shots in USGov for decades.

    How is Alwaleed and BO tied to HUMA?
    Alwaleed’s close friend, racist and black Muslim lawyer Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour was outed in a 2008 interview as having been involved in getting Barack Obama into Harvard Law School. ... Muslim/Arab Spring

    Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?
    Control, grooming, access to US govt, favors owed to be repaid later.

    Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?
    To firmly establish an agent within the highest political office (presidency) to create SA shadow government in US

    What is HUMA? Define.
    Harvard University Muslim Alumi

    What book was BO caught reading?
    The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria

    Why was this immediately disregarded as false?
    Far too revealing. It had to be denied/discredited due to what it implied.

    What is ‘Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria’?
    Globalization and world unity are inevitable, illegal immigration and Islam are not problems we need to face.

    Why is this relevant?
    Barak Obama was in agreement with the agenda to weaken or destroy America.

    Why would the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA be reading this book?
    Preparation, ideological agreement with main premise

    What church did BO attend as pre-POTUS?
    Trinity United Church of Christ.

    Who was BO’s mentor?
    Abner Mikva
    Jerimiah Wright, Pastor
    Bill Ayers
    Saul Alinksy
    Frank Marshall Davis

    How is Alwaleed and HRC connected?
    He is her largest donor, and therefore her owner

    Who was HRC’s mentor?
    Robert Byrd, former KKK member.
    Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals and Communist.

    How is Alwaleed and Bush Sr./Jr. connected?
    Oil, First Iraq war, Foundations, CIA

    What occurred post 9-11?
    PATRIOT ACT was enacted afterwards

    What war did we enter into?

    What was the purpose and disclosures given re: justification?
    The Taliban were hiding Osama Bin Laden from us.

    Who financed 9-11?

    Why, recently, are classified 9-11 pages being released?
    Bad actors were planning to make King Salman and MBS (his son, Mohammad bin Saman - new Crown Prince) patsies for 911. Bringing the "911 plotters" to justice would have served as cover and justification for their recent roundup of persons who were corrupt..

    What just occurred in SA?
    Counter-coup, house-cleaning, bad actors removed

    What FOIA docs are being publicly released (recently)?
    JFK assassination
    Clinton investigation

    Why is this relevant?
    Investigation ongoing. SHE IS NOT OFF THE HOOK

    What information is contained within these c-releases?
    who knew what, when and who did it

    Why is C Wray important with regards to these releases?
    FBI Director/worked under Bush already knows what is in them before sealed again??

    What does money laundering mean?
    Flooding bad money into the system so it can be used for another purpose and be untraceable/obfuscate its origin.

    What is the single biggest event that can generate many nation states to payout billions?

    Who audits where the money goes?
    General Accounting Office
    $15,000 for a toothbrush?
    Money laundering
    The US is cleaning cash

    Dick Cheney is on the Board of Directors of Halliburton and was one of 2 companies that made massive profits off 9-11 the other was United Defence.

    Who are they?
    Oil conglomerate

    What do they specialize in?
    Services & equipment for oil fields

    Why is this relevant?
    Company made massive profits from Iraq war
    Iraq has oil. KSA has oil. Qatar has oil. Iran has oil.

    What ‘senior’ level political officials are affiliated w/ Halliburton?
    Dick Cheney, Bush

    What is the primary goal?
    monopoly defense contracts

    How is this connected to SA?
    The Bin Laden family is from SA and friends with the Bush family, have oil and construction in common. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was a major donor to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's campaign as well as many other politicians

    How is this connected to Alwaleed?
    Al Qaeda, he financed the attack/Pan-Asian Triangle

    How is this connected to LV?
    Prince Alwaleed bin Tahal owns top five floors of Mandalay Bay


    The arrest of Alwaleed and others are important. Alwaleed and Obama are tied to Harvard University Muslim Alumni (HUMA). Alwaleed financed Obama's pre-political days. Look at Harvard University Muslim Alumni (HUMA). Obama was caught reading 'Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria' that was immediately disregarded as false. Why would POTUS be reading this book? What church did Obama attend as pre-POTUS? Someone was Obama's mentor. Alwaleed and Hillary are connected. Someone was Hillary's mentor. Alwaleed and Bush Sr./Jr. are connected. We entered into a war post 9-11. What was the purpose and disclosures given regarding justification. Someone financed 9-11. Classified 9-11 pages are now being released.

    It just occurred in Saudi Arabia. FOIA docs are being publicly released. Important information is contained within these c-releases. Christopher Wray is important with regards to these releases. Money laundering. War generates many nation states to payout billions. Someone audits where the money goes. $15,000 for a toothbrush? We attacked Iraq. Halliburton. They specialize in oil field services. 'Senior' level political officials are affiliated with Halliburton. Look at the primary goal. Look at the primary mode of influence that drives corruption. The money buys something. This is connected to Saudi Arabia and Alwaleed. This is connected to Las Vegas.

    How is Alwaleed and BO tied to HUMA?

    Western universities[edit] In 2005, al-Waleed gave Georgetown University the second-largest donation in history to create the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (ACMCU) in the university's School of Foreign Service. On 8 May 2008, al-Waleed gave £16 million to Edinburgh University to fund a "centre for the study of Islam in the contemporary world."[59] He has also endowed the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud Center for American Studies and Research (CASAR).[60] The Institute for Computational Biomedicine at Weill Cornell Medical College is named for al-Waleed.[61] The Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge also bears the name of Al-Waleed,[62] and the Islamic Studies Program at Harvard University are also named for him.

    Why did we attack Iraq?

    Real reason was to stop Saddam selling his oil using currencies other than the US Dollars. This was a direct challenge/threat to the Petrodollar system.

    No Petrodollar System = Greatly devalued $US Dollar = Inflation Shock on US Economy = Severe recession or maybe collapse.

    Saddam was also challenging OPEC and KSA leadership/hegemony in ME. WMD's provided cover to destroy regional rival to KSA/Israeli leadership in ME. Also destroyed Sunni/Baathist counter-weight/challenger/competitor to KSA Wahhabism.
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    One of twenty-two breaches

    Dec 22 2017 17:37:09
    ID: 12d253
    DNI DIR>
    CLAS: 1-12>
    (SR 187)(MS13 (2) 187)>
    /_\ >
    (SUPPORT: CS, NP, AS, CLAS-1, CLAS-2, CLAS-3, CLAS-4, CLAS-5, CLAS-6)>
    DNC PAY>
    CLAS: 1-4 PAY>
    CLAS: 1-9>
    US SEN CLAS-1>
    US SEN CLAS-2>
    [FISA 2]
    Qresearch believes Q is posting about 1 out of 22 data breeches from HRC server, the server that the Awan Brothers maintained. This post seems to be about a breech of the DNC server, due to references to Seth Rich (SR) and Wikileaks (WL).

    "Podesta Emails/DNC emails exposed by Wikileaks. The Fusion GPS Dossier on Trump
    Marc E. Elias & Michael Sussman, Perkins Coie principals in Fusion GPS & Crowdstrike"

    Democrat National Committee
    Seth Rich

    Barack Hussein Obama
    James Clapper was DNI director 2010 - 2016 under Obama
    John Brennan, CIA under Obama

    Possibly: 12 collaborators who are classified

    Google (Alphabet)

    Firm retained by DNC to investigate their "hacking" and do server forensics (but who refused FBI help)
    Obama appointed CEO of Crowdstrike to Commission on Enhanced Cyber Security in April 2016.

    Democrat National Committee
    Seth Rich murdered (187) by MS-13 gang members in an assassination, who were themselves murdered. Dead men tell no tales
    (SR 187)(MS13 (2) 187)>187 - code for 'Murder Death Kill'
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz - Director of DNC
    OR: There is no underscore as with DNI DIR, CLOWN DIR, so the meaning is different. May mean she directed or was directed? She resigned July 28, 2016 ... is date important/could be resigned as director to establish timeline?

    FBI & DOJ assisted in the effort
    Missing letters - F_I/D_J = BO = Barack Obama assisted in the malfeasance

    If line 3596 is true, include Weiner in "insurance"

    All 3 sides of the cabal at work, in play, and represented
    Saudi Arabia/Soros/Rothchilds = cabal
    Obama worked for the cabal

    Hillary Clinton
    Loretta Lynch, former Attorney General
    James Comey
    Andrew McCabe
    Peter Strzok
    Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff

    six classified collaborators also supported

    Felony Classes 1-9

    British Intelligence

    Steele - MI6

    Hillary Clinton's campaign payed
    DNC also payed
    4 classified collaborators paid

    Christopher Steele, author of the "Russia dossier" to smear Trump

    John Podesta, HRC's campaign manager
    JP Authorized the hit on Seth Rich. Wanted to make an example out of the leaker.
    Also, Tony Podesta - Had connections with the Russians, too.

    Eric Holder, former Attorney General relayed specifications to Russian operative who relayed info to Chris Steele

    Classes of Felony's 1-9

    John McCain “no name” b/c considered a traitor
    12 deals turned down. Don't think Sid was. Dying man, war hero, etc. Deal would be turn over everything to Trump and die quietly in AZ

    The good guys do not like to say his name. "HUssein" what is behind that? TRUST. And hold him accountable for what he's really done.

    James Comey
    Loretta Lynch

    Obama sought to spy on the Trump campaign. Used the Dossier to get the FISA warrant.
    Used the FISA Court
    Obama changed the 1078 FISA in 2008: specific changes to the original bill that allowed his 'team' to spy on Trump and his campaign.
    The first attempt to get the FISA warrent failed because it mentioned Trump specifically. The second attempt ([FISA2] Classified) was successful because Trump was not mentioned, but the Russians were.

    2008-07-10: President George W. Bush signed the bill into law. 2012-09-12: The House of Representatives voted, 301 to 118, to extend the FISA Amendments Act for five years,[16][17] after the act was to expire at the end of 2012.[18] 2012-12-28: By a vote of 73 to 23, the U.S. Senate voted to extend the FISA Amendments Act for five years until December 31, 2017[19] 2012-12-30: President Barack Obama signed the bill into law.[20][21][22]

    President's Daily Briefing - includes National Security info
    Obama received updates of info gained from spying on the Trump campaign.

    John McCain
    Hussein (Obama) passed the dossier info given to him in Daily Brief to McCain so that it could appear to not be partisan
    McCain relayed the "dossier" to a 'news shop' in the Mockingbird media friendly to the cabal


    The DNC is breached, information is carried by Seth Rich, given to Wikileaks. Hussain (Obama) uses DNI to start damage control, gets to work with CIA who has infiltrated or just outright runs Google, who in turn has heavily funded Crowdstrike. Crowdstrike provides phony data to the DNC that Russia hacked the DNC. Seth Rich is the only person who can testify that the data did not come from Russia. Seth Rich is taken care of, and the first rule of assassination is kill the assassin, the two MS13 members"

    James Comey

    Loretta Lynch

    President's Daily Briefing - includes National Security info

    Obama received updates of info gained from spying on the Trump campaign

    Amazon / Washington Post (both owned by Jeff Bezos) Bezos is being used by the CIA


    Buzzfeed, who broke the story on the "dossier"

    Buzzfeed Wins Right to Keep Identity of Steel Dossier Secret buzzfeed-wins-right-keep-identity-steele-dossier-s/

    Russia has Kompromat on DJT
    Kompromat = is Russian means literally "compromising material"
    This was their plan to remove POTUS from office if it didn't work to help to get HRC elected.

    Ramifications: A US intelligence agency spies on a presidential candidate/elect, Republicans in both the House & Senate in on the conspiracy who leaked this fake news dossier to Mockingbird media outlets. This was aided by both the FBI and DOJ, the DNC all at the behest of the elements of cabal they work for.
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    Haiti - wow

    Nov 5 2017 01:35:58
    ID: cS8cMPVQ
    FBI/MI currently have open investigation into the CF.
    Why didn't Comey drop this?
    Who was the FBI director during the Haiti crisis? How many kids disappeared?
    How much money was sent to CF under disguise of Haiti relief and actually went to Haiti?
    What countries donated big money to CF?
    Why is this relevant?
    Snow White

    RESPONDING TO >>148028820
    Weiner's laptop/New Clinton emails was enough to not shut the case down, but McCabe blocked further investigation.

    Who was the FBI director during the Haiti crisis? How many kids disappeared?
    Robert Mueller
    550,000 children missing

    How much money was sent to CF under disguise of Haiti relief and actually went to Haiti?
    From a Townhall Article: "Those billions intended to rebuild the ruined nation instead disappeared into fantasy houses and roads that were never built, jobs that were never created, a national revival that never happened, and often private bank accounts never traceable. And a company with Tony Rodham, Hillary’s brother, on the board, somehow scored a lucrative 25-year gold mining deal." (
    Estimated $30,000,000+

    CF held back 10% of donations, then awarded money to their cronies to "rebuild" Haiti. Bill Clinton was very influential in directing funds. It's possible money stayed under CF umbrella and cycled through their "initiates" until all money was gone. Also, Bill pressured banks to back rebuild project. They wrote off loss when rebuild failed.

    What countries donated big money to CF?
    At least four foreign countries gave to the foundation in 2013—Norway, Italy, Australia and the Netherlands—a fact that has garnered little attention. The number of governments contributing in 2014 appears to have doubled from the previous year. Since its founding, the foundation has raised at least $48 million from overseas governments, according to a Journal tally. United Arab Emirates, a first-time donor, gave between $1 million and $5 million in 2014, and the German government—which also hadn’t previously given—contributed between $100,000 and $250,000. A previous donor, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has given between $10 million and $25 million since the foundation was created in 1999. Part of that came in 2014, although the database doesn’t specify how much. The Australian government has given between $5 million and $10 million, at least part of which came in 2014. It also gave in 2013, when its donations fell in the same range. Qatar’s government committee preparing for the 2022 soccer World Cup gave between $250,000 and $500,000 in 2014. Qatar’s government had previously donated between $1 million and $5 million. Oman, which had made a donation previously, gave an undisclosed amount in 2014. Over time, Oman has given the foundation between $1 million and $5 million. Prior to last year, its donations fell in the same range.

    SA gave Clinton Foundation $40million 2001-2015. CF tax returns late to be amended

    Why is this relevant?

    Large amounts of funds were given by KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) to CF,
    CF was involved with Haiti earthquake situation
    CF involved in "girls & women's" programs there,
    Children went "missing" from Haiti
    Huma A kept HRC abreast of Laura Silsby's situation in Haiti (arrested for human trafficking of Haitian children)
    Presents indication the CF was involved with human trafficking using KSA money, possibly intended delivery of children to KSA - Connected to Al Waleed and Austria (Rothschilds, the center of human (sex) trafficking)

    Snow White
    Spy Vs. Spy CIA Directorate of Operations code-named Snow White.


    FBI/Military Intel currently have open investigation into the CF. Comey didn't drop this. Mueller was the FBI director during the Haiti crisis. Many kids disappeared. Money was sent to Clinton Foundation under disguise of Haiti relief and little actually went to Haiti. What countries donated big money to CF. Saudi Arabia.

    Thank you Anon.
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