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Thread: Gender Neutral Parenting

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    Quote Originally Posted by leftWNYbecauseofBS View Post
    Oh bless your heart. Not everything is political but this subject absolutely is. Any topic that allows the left to draw an absolute line in the sand and then say anyone on the wrong side of that line shouldn't be listened to because of how they view this specific issue is a power play.

    If you're 100% in favor of legal immigration and against illegal immigration...and simply want people to come through the front're xenophobic. And you shouldn't have a say.

    If you think women and men are equal and must be treated equal but you see Title IX as a dull machete chopping down the rights of young're sexist. And you shouldn't have a say.

    If you think things like Affirmative Action and Race-Based Admission Policies where groups like Whites and Asians are discriminated're racist. And you shouldn't have a say.

    If you think Gender Dysphoria is real and believe in some trans rights but also think many are way out of're transphobic. And you shouldn't have a say.

    No, Political Correctness does not run rampant on both sides. You're either confused or you don't know what you're talking about. Politics exist on both sides but the leveraging of culture police to a political end is 100% on the left.
    Yes it does. People like you think Liberal means scrawny vegan in baggy clothes with green hair and too many facial piercings protesting the cause of the day
    Let me articulate this for you:
    "I'm not locked in here with them. They're locked in here with me!!"
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    Well Hip, at least you got that much figured out. I have an idea, let’s start calling the Democratic Socialists “Dezi’s. It has a nice ring to it, sorta like Nazi is a short form German abbreviation for “National Socialist”.

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