Wow, the news had a great article on the sabres yesterday can believe it. Won't he this from local sports guys.

How do you sell Sabres tickets that no one wants? You don't. How long have I been saying this.. don't go stick it to old money bags?
Some great pics of the FNC empty. Something that you dont see when watching the game.

The street sellers are experiencing a double whammy. In addition to a bad team, online sales have diminished the need to search out scalpers. Fans can go to or and get the seats they want with guarantees that the tickets are real.

Those tickets are selling at a fraction of the price, if at all. For five of the last six home games, tickets were available on StubHub for $6. The other game, a Saturday against St. Louis, featured a low price of $11. Each 300 Level seat cost the season ticket-holder between $30 and $53."If you're counting on selling some of them, you're getting dimes on the dollar," said Stan, the owner of six season tickets who has been reselling them for 15 years. "There's some nights when I've stood out there from 5 o'clock to 7:30 and not sold a single ticket. Not even not been able to come to an agreement, I mean not talked to a person who's buying a ticket."
By Mike Harrington: Sabres fans really aren't that demanding. Give them effort, give them goals, maybe give them a win once in a while and KeyBank Center can become fun. There probably weren't more than 11,000 ... but fake sports on tv will tell you the games have 17,000 fans.