County turns natural disaster into $$$MILLIONS$$$

All of Erie County will benefit from our storm disaster. County , Towns and Village taxpayers will all benefit.

We are all familiar with the tree limb removal efforts.Trucks and crews roaming around cleaning up the branches and limbs.Well our quick thinking , efficient local governments united to come up with a stroke of pure genius. They will distribute the millions of tons of mulch being created to Erie County Parks,Town Parks and even local Villages.

This plan should provide millions of dollars worth of free mulch. Most every part of Erie County has their own roads , parks and highway crews with trucks. They can use their own vehicles to pick up and disperse the mulch.

This will save taxpayers millions of dollars that would have been apart of season local budget spending. Kudos to those who saw this innovative way to save tax dollars.

One unnamed source said, "We can probably even sell some cheap to local contractors."