I love when mainstream media, Politicians and those who enjoy the status quo cry!

Those darn people on the INTERNET - they should watch TV or get another hobby!

You people are causing a ruckus for just about anything! Its like hearing the wizard of OZ telling Dorothy to "Ignore the man behind the curtain"

Government waste and Political collusion has been exposed here on this site. Special interest groups have been outed, against their will.

Lopsided laws and rules challenged - here and in many Town, City and County meeting/hearings.

Those who oppose this open exchange come on once in a while (thats all they'll admit too). They try and tell the readers that all of this doesn't matter much. They want you to believe it doesn't, but we know better.

I for one have never seen a place where so many, discuss so much. Its great to sit and listen to people every where I go bring up something and say, "I read it on Speakupwny" -

I appreciate the people who opened this site.
I appreciate that in America we can do this.