Quote: Harry Applesack:Here's a topic for you: Why is the town attorney, who is a full time town employee, conducting private practice business, during regular business hours? Shouldn't he be in his office at town hall? Run with it..


Are you saying that the Town Board and Supervisor Giza would allow this to happen?

Do you mean that's the reason for years now , Lancaster's Town Attorney has been seen wondering threw the rear parking lots behind Town Hall and his "Private Office."

I guess the location of his office four doors north of Town Hall on Central Ave explains the parking lot jogs.

Gee = you mean that some people hired or appointed by the local politicians aren't really working full time Town employees?

How could this be ? Isn't he collecting a full time tax dollar funded salary and health-care, plus tax payer funded New York State Pension ? Is that legal ?

How could he be working his private practice and be responsible for his full time Town Attorney job?

I bet all some one has to do is compare his law office hours to his hours spent in his office at Town Hall . I'm sure The Town Board has records of his hours - and since most of his law clients pay by the hour - his hours must be well documented and open to anyone interested.

Would they (Town Board) just let him rob the Lancaster's Taxpayer ?