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The viewpoints, opinions and statements posted by registered members this message board do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or perspectives of SpeakupWNY.com or Online Media, Inc.


In order to maintain an atmosphere that is encouraging to exchanging valued information and fine acquaintance, please review the following policies:

1. Members who commonly use these boards are encouraged to share information and ideas as they relate to Western New York and the many municipalities within.

2. Offering your opinion on a given topic and debating is encouraged as long as it is done respectfully. If you disagree with a person's opinion, disagree and provide supporting reasons why you disagree. We want to encourage an environment where everyone can agree or disagree constructively and resourcefully.

3. Posts or threads containing language that includes personal attacks, racially or ethnically charged wording, insults, profanity, badgering of others is especially prohibited- this includes what is stated about our elected officials. Supporting information must follow 'wrongful' claims against politicians.

"Baiting" (making posts for the sole purpose of provoking conflict) is expressly forbidden as well. Posts, which are meant to be humorous, or are unrelated, must be very clear in their purpose/intent and placed on an appropriate forum board.

4. Once a member has registered with a username, they must not create multiple names via additional email accounts. If a member requires a username change, they must notify the site Admin of their intent to change their username before doing so.

5. Advertisement Policy - The following restrictions apply to persons who are expressively selling products and/or services to other members; includes viewing links to gain hits on other websites. This policy applies to posts, threads and signatures on any speakupwny.com forum other than the "EVENTS" board. If anyone wants to promote their company in their signature go for it. Please PM WNYResident first just so it is known what your going to promote. Keep it simple and not over bearing. If your signature is basically longer than anything you post then it's a little too much. You can see how WNYResident's is setup. Only businesses not to be promoted are companies that compete directly with www.onlinemedia.net or www.vinyl-graphics.com.

(a) Non-contributing members/salespersons/registered users are limited to the following level of promotion only:

Non-contributing members* may promote their products, websites and/or services in this community only on our "EVENTS" board and must pertain to the beneficial entities of Western New York and the many municipalities within. Promotional threads are limited to a single post with no bumping* allowed. Non-contributing members may support their product/service when questions are asked by the general membership including defending products/services or company/website merits.

Except as noted above, the Advertisement policy applies to signatures used by posters as well. All members are prohibited from displaying any form links or slogans that promote their own products, services and/or website in a signature.

*("Bumping" - Continual posting in order to keep the topic in a higher placement in the list of threads in a forum without further conversations of additional members.)

*(Non-contributing members are persons whom register with Speakupwny.com for the sole intent to promote products, service and/or websites without contributing additionally to threads/information on this site.)

By registering as a member of SpeakupWNY.com, all person are required and agreed to accept the Terms Of Service provided. This community forum is designed to allow residents from around Western New York and the many municipalities within to share information and/or ideas on improving the way we live and work.

Positive discussion as well as goodwill between members is our aspiration. It's significant to be familiar with the fact that there are noteworthy differences in person's opinions on topics like politics, we entail that members refrain from making direct statements about another person's opinions/statements/character as being "wrong". Instead, it is preferable for you to share with everyone the way things are believed in your contrast or give supporting information of incorrectness.


Speakupwny.com is dedicated in protecting your privacy online. Information provided when registering will not be given/sold to anyone else, whether on the boards or anywhere on the Internet by the site Admin or moderators.

Keep in mind that although we work hard to protect your information, we cannot control information that you have offered freely in posts/threads/signatures outside of the items discussed above. Any and all information members provide willingly can be collected and used by others.

Effective 1/1/2008

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