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Last Updated: Nov 8th, 2023 - 10:38:14 

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Nov 8, 2023, 10:33
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Through November 18
RICHARD O’BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW D’Youville University/Kavinoky Theatre

Many of the patrons I saw when attending “Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show” looked like traditional Kavinoky customers.
I wonder if any of them missed the name of the show and what it’s about before buying a ticket?
It certainly isn’t the British plays so (misleadingly) associated with David Lamb in his years running the theater.
The Kav has a long involvement in electronic displays including the giant screen on the back of the stage
That allows director Loraine O’Donnell to synch up the show’s deep involvement in old science fiction movies and what’s on stage.
However, with her new gig running a historic home in the Adirondacks, I wonder if this look at what happens in a historic home in the woods might be a conflict of interest.
Think of “Rocky Horror” as a raunchy rock and roll dancing adaptation of “Dracula,” with Frank n’Furter (Kris Bartolomeo) as the mysterious Count.
It revolves around an engaged couple who seem barely out of high school, Brad (Ricky Needham) and Janet (Melinda Capeles), who wind up in this strange castle in the woods when Brad can’t fix a flat tire on his car and they hike to the castle looking for help.
O’Brien certainly started with two plot lines to build the show on, innocents lost in the deep woods and the connection with the stars, “Planet Schmanet.”
That’s why the SciFi, because Frank’s from outer space.
What’s different from most plays, basic plot, stage or movie version is that it requires audience participation, with two screens in the Kav to tell what the customers should shout out.
This production opened in a late-night performance which undoubtedly drew true believers.
The audience sitting with me shouted out the predictable lines although not with the deep fervor so often accompanying various versions.
The show’s creators use a pounding rock’n’roll beat, which works well with Eric Deeb Weaver’s choreography, songs like “Science Fiction Double Feature,” “Damn it, Janet,” “Time Warp” and “I’m Going Home.”
O’Donnell has a strong cast, particularly Bartolomeo, Michele Marie Roberts, Mike Randall, John Fredo and Capales.
“Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show” isn’t for everyone but it is entertaining, well-done and one of those shows for people who sing along, something I usually hate but here it works.


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