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Last Updated: May 3rd, 2019 - 15:22:09 

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ANNAPURNA The New Phoenix Theatre Company
May 3, 2019, 15:19
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Through May 18
ANNAPURNA The New Phoenix Theatre Company

Maybe going back to figure out why you divorced decades ago isnít a good idea.
In Sharr Whiteís ďAnnapurna,Ē a long-past wife finds her long-past husband in a decaying trailer in the Colorado Rockies, visible from a window.
Emmaís there because their son wants to know more about his father, Ulysses, (John Profeta) and what happened long ago.
As the play unfolds, we learn sheís not sure what happened and thatís why she packed up her battered five-year-old son and they left in the middle of the night and vanished.
She moved East from wherever their college town home was then, met someone new, married him and together they raised the son from her first marriage.
Now, the sonís defending his doctoral thesis and wants to know his Dad, hiring a PI to find out what happened and her second marriage has fallen apart.
The PI is good and Emma arrives in Ulyssesí decrepit trailer knowing heís long since lost his college teaching job and has terminal lung cancer, along with other health issues.
When she walks in, out his past, heís in terrible physical and mental shape, with his air tank going, and his home might be worse.
In this pair, sheís the adult and doing well.
Actually, Emma isnít but heís so bad she looks good.
There are traces of the relationship that was strong back in the metaphorical stone age and heís never lost his love for her.
In this confrontation, the two are never off The New Phoenix Theatre stage and Primo Thomasí delightfully messy set design home.
These are also two adult actors, dealing with adult topics in a dramatic High Noon.
SPOILER ALERT: They donít find out what triggered the departure and itís all too lost in the haze of Ulyssesí years of drugs and alcohol abuse.
White set up the show as a long one-act show so that the tension never eases.
Director Terry Kimmel does a wonderful job with this script, a play chosen by Mike Lodick before his untimely death, although in keeping with his dedication to theater he died watching a show.
I donít want you to die in an aisle seat but you should see ďAnnapurna.Ē
Itís two of our best area actors on a marvelous script.


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