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Last Updated: Apr 11th, 2018 - 14:57:03 

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Apr 11, 2018, 14:54
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Through May 5
I DO! I DO! O’Connell & Company/Park School

It’s amazing sometimes how many different takes the stage provides about marriage.
Often, it’s comic.
Sometimes, it’s tragic.
Seldom is it pointless.
O’Connell & Company has reached back into musical theater history and pulled out “I Do! I Do!” from a distinguished stage team of Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, using Jan de Hartog’s <b as the base material.
The show covers a half-century in the life of a married couple.
Director and choreographer Bobby Cooke is working with a married couple with long track records in musical theater, Gregory Gjurich (Michael) and Mary Coppola Gjurich (Agnes).
Michael eventually becomes a very successful romance novelist while Agnes keeps the home and raises the children and puts up with his infidelity (or, infidelities).
The basic story has its roots in the 19th Century, providing attitudes which have long faded away for most people, although Collin Ranney remembers it for the costume.
Set designer Paul Bostaph has it pretty easy, since the play is set in Michael and Agnes’ bedroom, centered on a giant four-poster bed.
That’s where events start, on their wedding day and go forward to the day when the empty nesters have sold to a new young married couple and they are moving to smaller quarters, with Michael finally recognizing his limits as a writer, profitable and successful, but limited.
This is a musical, with occasional numbers you will recognize, especially “My Cup Runneth Over” and “Nobody’s Perfect.”
Coppola Gjurich’s voice is mildly better than Gjurich’s but they pair well together.
There are those marital collisions and the one key clash over his younger girlfriend, which they work out.
Michael remains rooted in a very different time, with “A Well Known Fact” and its soft-shoe dancing.
Agnes is there with her dancing over a new hat, with “Flaming Agnes.”
Together they range from “I Love My Wife” to “Someone Needs Me.”
As a one-set, two-character script, this isn’t a wonderful show, although “I Do! I Do!” is enjoyable, pleasant and very well done, with strong performances from Coppola Gjurich and Gjurich and some solid directing and choreography from Cooke.


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