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GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS Road Less Traveled Productions/RLTP Theater
Nov 1, 2017, 12:24
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Through November 19
GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS Road Less Traveled Productions/RLTP Theatre

David Mamet has always had that deep feeling for people who most of us wouldn’t have a beer with.
“Glengarry Glen Ross” is a look at an assortment of low-lifes, real estate salesmen in a Chicago suburb, working for the never seen “Mitch and Murray” who apparently run this operation and others from an office down around the Loop.
This crew isn’t selling some property in Chicago’s Bungalow Belt, but land in far-away developments for retirement or whatever, preferably selling several lots.
Since this script is from 1983, there are some holes, especially the relatively low amounts of cash involved.
Mitch and Murray and office manager John Williamson (Steve Brachmann) have assembled a strong cast of people who would cheat their own parents if it meant they met their sales quota.
Also, since the story is from 1983, the cast is seven White guys.
Before the sales, there is the internal fight over “leads,” the possible customers who are in a position to buy and that’s where some of the boiler room guys and Williamson fight over the quality of the leads given to each.
The central figures are top salesman Richard Roma (Matt Witten) and fading superstar Shelly “The Machine” Levene (David C. Mitchell).
Along with the others, these are guys who have no morals and no qualms, just the desire to see their names on the sales list on the wall and win the latest sales incentive prizes.
The swirling deals can flash back to the sales people, especially when James Lingk (Dave Hayes) comes in to withdraw his purchase and runs into a wall of scam and double-dealing for Roma to keep the deal and thousands of dollars in commission.
Director Scott Behrend does a wonderful job in this three-way scene of Roma, Leven and the suffering Lingk, two men with no shame and a pigeon.
The entire operation blows up over a burglary, exposing slimy human weakness.
“Glengarry Glen Ross” is getting a strong production on Dyan Burlingame’s twin set with Witten, Mitchell and Brachmann as the core.
This is a relatively short play, allowing you to watch strong performances about a slimy group of people without completely losing it at another example of human frailty and greed.
“Glengarry Glen Ross” is a 1983 play just as applicable today.


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