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February Flooding Along Ellicott Creek - Part 1
By Gary S. Howell
Feb 6, 2008, 15:08
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Heavy February rains and abnormally warm temperatures caused Ellicott Creek to overflow its banks today. The furious floods threatened roads, homes, and businesses near the creek.

Lancaster’s Emergency Management team was called out to check on residents in effected areas.

Bowmansville firefighters were on hand to help out and take steps to protect their facility from flooding.

The following photos are from the Town of Lancaster and were taken after the creek crested.


Lancaster Emergency Management Checks on Haskell Road Residents

Lancaster Emergency Management Team Checks on Haskell Drive Residents

Haskell Road Home Surrounded

Haskell Drive Home Surrounded

Bowmansville Fire Hall Threatened

Bowmansville Fire Hall Threatened

Stoney Road Flooded

Stoney Road Flooded

Inundated Yard on Main and Division in Bowmansville

Inundated Yard on Main and Division Streets in Bowmansville

Construction Vehicles Surrounded by Water

Construction Vehicles Surrounded by Water on Stoney Road

Stoney Road East of Bridge

Construction Site Totally Covered East of Stoney Road


Click Here to See Part 2

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